Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r86

Bug fixes; new in-progress Dutch translation

12 February, 2018 ()

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This is our first beta release of a new release cycle, since r85 was a stable release. From now on, will only serve the latest stable release (currently r85). To use beta releases you'll need to visit its URL directly, e.g. If you want to use the latest betas, remember you'll need to change the URL like this. In future we'll be introducing a separate system to notify you of new beta updates inside the editor itself, but for now you'll need to keep an eye out for new releases here. Also note the desktop build currently only loads the latest stable release; we'll be publishing an update to allow desktop build users to access beta releases as well.

We've got a batch of bug fixes for you in this release. There are some UI bugs fixed and we've done some work on cross-browser compatibility. In addition to that, thanks to our contributors we also now have an in-progress Dutch translation! As ever enable developer mode to try it out. If you'd like to help out, get started here.

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3 favourites
Cloud save: improve entries paging behaviour for Dropbox

Bug Fixes

1 favourites
Z Order Bar: crash in Firefox when bringing up context menus
2 favourites
Animations Editor: use primary color to draw the border of rectangles and ellipses when the fill is disabled
3 favourites
Animations Editor: out of memory crash when resizing large images
2 favourites
Animations Editor: possible crash when using the reload tool
1 favourites
Find Results Bar: crash when right clicking on Firefox
1 favourites
Tilemap Bar: tiles not showing in Firefox and other browsers with no support for CSS containment
1 favourites
Panes not preserving height when undocked
2 favourites
Renaming event variables did not always update function parameters

Language updates

1 favourites
Added in-progress Dutch translation

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