Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r84

Desktop build improvements & a few more fixes

06 February, 2018 ()

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We still want to get a stable update out soon but there's a minor hold-up involving a server-side change we need to make. In the mean time here's a new beta update to keep things ticking along.

The desktop build can now load projects passed on the command line. In short this means if you manually associate .c3p or .c3proj files with the desktop build of C3 in Windows, then you can successfully open them by double-clicking the files. We also fixed a bug that caused folder-based projects to fail to load if they used bundled addons.

We've also fixed some compatibility issues with the Microsoft Edge browser, mainly around importing files. There's also a fix for a disappearing action, and a tweak to allow custom user agent styles to override the default text color.

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New Additions

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Desktop build: can now automatically open .c3p or .c3proj files by double-click, if manually associated with the app


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Allow custom user agent stylesheets to override text color

Bug Fixes

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Desktop build: failed to load projects using bundled addons
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System 'Sort Z order' action could disappear or crash during editing
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Edge: crash when importing files
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Edge: unable to import audio

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