Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r82

Bug fixes for Physics, iOS and more

30 January, 2018 ()

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We managed to get to the bottom of a memory leak in the Physics behavior, so this is quite an important fix for long-running Physics games. (We'll also be backporting the fix to C2.) Also Apple have really thrown a spanner in the works by breaking WebAssembly on iOS, which we use to decode audio. It's pretty complicated to work around, but we've come up with something which looks like it gets it working again. If you've had issues with games failing to load on iOS, this should fix it. If you still have trouble try clearing your browser cache and retrying.

There's a few other fixes in this build too. We're hoping to release a new stable update shortly, so assuming everything goes smoothly we should have one along soon. Please test thoroughly and report any issues you find!

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Facebook plugin: updated to SDK v2.11

Bug Fixes

9 favourites
Physics: memory leak creating/destroying/resizing large numbers of objects
4 favourites
WebM Opus audio could fail to play in preview mode in Safari and Edge
6 favourites
iOS: work around broken WebAssembly support and fall back to asm.js to decode WebM Opus audio
3 favourites
Multiplayer: false indication of support on Edge
5 favourites
Rare data editor crash when closing data editor

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  • Nothing that presently affects me, but I am always in awe of what you all manage to pull off and accomplish no matter the odds. well done, Scirra Bros!

  • wby the tilemap bug not fixed?not sow when put objects tilemap ,only show in the editor but when execute not show

  • Good afternoon. There is a very big problem in construct 3 which prevents the development of good and great games for Android and iOS. Solve the problem with the apk size. Google does not allow to upload more than 100mb apk, to solve this problem it is necessary to split apart the apk and load textures and audio within the app once installed on your smartphone... Again this is a very significant lack of construct 3, starting the development of the game, sooner or later this problem with the size of the apk...