Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r78

Lots of new additions, changes and fixes

15 January, 2018 ()

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We have a big release for you today! Firstly we've added some new features like accessing the video source size, a new TypedKey expression, and a couple of other changes. We've also updated our Physics engine to a recent asm.js build and fixed a fairly long-standing bug with minifying projects using the Physics behavior.

Amongst several other changes, one of the more notable ones is that we've rewritten the text wrapping engine for the editor. This handles word wrap for both Text and SpriteFont. The code was pretty old and inflexible and was going to prevent us from adding new features, so we've updated it with a new and more powerful engine. It's designed to be pixel-perfect identical to the old engine, so in theory there shouldn't be any visible differences - but if you do spot anything off with Text or SpriteFont in this release, let us know.

We also released a beta of a desktop build of Construct 3, with features like saving to project folders. We've been fixing some issues with the desktop version. While this release fixes a couple of issues, we have some more fixes that will need a new desktop build release to resolve, so watch that thread for an update shortly.

Finally we're keeping a keen eye on Construct 3's reliability and are closing off some possibly rarer crashes that could happen in some circumstances. Hopefully this will make sure Construct 3 stays reliable even during long sessions.

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New Additions

7 favourites
Video plugin: VideoWidth and VideoHeight expressions
12 favourites
Keyboard: new TypedKey expression, returning the character that would have been typed (including case, accents etc.)
10 favourites
Parameters dialog: pressing Enter with an unchosen object parameter now clicks the button
12 favourites
Animations editor: add drag and drop functionality to sort image points


7 favourites
New editor text wrapping engine
12 favourites
Physics: updated Box2D to a recent build of v2.3.1
3 favourites
Constant event variables are no longer forced uppercase
3 favourites
Facebook plugin: remove name, caption, description and parameters from 'Prompt to share' actions since they were removed from the Facebook API
6 favourites
Event Sheet View: when searching for an object, matches beginning with the search term are shown first
6 favourites
Saved JSON files are now beautified by default, which makes it easier to use them with source control
3 favourites
Animations editor: remove toolbar from image points pane

Bug Fixes

7 favourites
Physics broken on minified export
4 favourites
Desktop build: open web URLs in the system browser instead of a new app window
3 favourites
Error loading savegame if an instance variable was set to NaN
5 favourites
Opening projects with bundled addons may not have shown all install prompts
3 favourites
Event Sheet View: don't unselect events when clicking scroll bar
2 favourites
Properties Bar: properly restore UI state when showing project, layout and layer properties
4 favourites
Possible crash when selecting an object from the project bar with no related layout and no properties bar visible
4 favourites
Possible crash when selecting collision polygon vertices in the image editor
4 favourites
Possible crash when closing external software opened from the image editor
4 favourites
Possible crash when updating the icons of object types
3 favourites
Possible crash when importing audio files with no changes produced
4 favourites
Possible crash when closing array/dictionary editor
3 favourites
Crash when undoing a property change of a layer which is overridden

SDK updates

6 favourites
Allow any color CSS string to be passed to IWebGLText.SetColor()

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  • Scirra Bros burnin' MULTIPLE candles and both ends!

  • TypeKey nice! Good to see beta releases picking up on features as much as they do on bug fixes.

    Now if only the animation editor could work with selecting multiple frames for deleting, like ctrl+ click on some frames to select them or click on one frame, shift and click on end frame to select the whole range, would be <3

  • Now, to text wrap this website