Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r76

Bug fixes, new SDK features

08 January, 2018 ()

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This build is mostly a batch of bug fixes to help make sure Construct 3 works smoothly for everyone. The main improvements are in the addon SDK where we have two major improvements.

Firstly third-party plugins can now draw text in the editor. This helps fill in a missing feature that C2's SDK had, so hopefully text-based third-party plugins can now also be ported to C3.

Secondly we are working on a major new SDK feature called the custom importer API. This allows plugins to hook in to handling files that are drag-and-dropped in to the editor. The intent is for software like Spriter and Spine (which handle 2D skeletal animation) to write and maintain their own file format importers. For C2 we had a hard-coded importer for Spriter files, but it was difficult to write and maintain, and inflexible (only handling one format, which is somewhat unfair to other software like Spine). Now these developers, and any others, can use the SDK to handle any kind of file format that is dropped in to C3. The API has built-in support for reading from zip files (which we recommend for bundling up related files), and the necessary features to extract data, create sprites, update image data, position and orient instances, and so on. We've added a lot of APIs to the SDK to open up full customisation of projects so addons can do any necessary importing work, but we expect this will take several more releases to get right as we get feedback from developers and fill in any more APIs they need. Still, this is an exciting feature and should open up some new interesting cases for extensibility in Construct 3!

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New Additions

5 favourites
Cordova options dialog: can now choose Android 8.1 as minimum version


2 favourites
Typo in Mobile Advert plugin: label for rewarded video was same as interstitial

Bug Fixes

4 favourites
Project Bar: crash if attempting to delete all layouts from project
7 favourites
Event Sheet View: project file and layout parameters did not always update when renamed
5 favourites
Properly load size of sprite instances when they have a scale of -1 in both axes
7 favourites
Autosave no longer tries to save the file if the editor has crashed
6 favourites
Projects were sometimes marked as changed (with no modification) when opened via recent projects
5 favourites
The value "0" could not be deleted from the array / dictionary editor
5 favourites
Overriding a project, then reopening the save dialog will point at the old project
3 favourites
Crash when attempting to import an invalid audio file

SDK updates

14 favourites
New APIs for text rendering in the editor
13 favourites
Initial version of custom importer API

Language updates

3 favourites
The Cordova options dialog is now fully translatable

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