Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r73

iPhone X viewport support, in-progress Hungarian translation, and several bug fixes

18 December, 2017 ()

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First of all due to a bug in the release system, we accidentally shipped the beta r72 to, which was meant to stay on the stable channel (r71). We've already got a fix for this, but due to the complications of having already shipped a beta release to, we've decided to carry on as-is and implement the fix at the next stable release. Apologies for any confusion over this. If you want to keep using the last stable release, please load it directly at For now will keep updating to the latest beta until we ship the next stable release.

Other than that, this release adds support for the iPhone X viewport: simply set the new Viewport fit project property to Cover. This will cause the viewport to use the entire screen rather than being confined to the "safe area" which adds black bars around the edges.

We've also adjusted the Event Sheet View to remember its column sizes if you resize the window small then large again. Previously this would leave everything at the minimum size, but now it knows to bring back the sizes you had before the window was resized. As with most releases, we also have a batch of bug fixes. Also this wasn't mentioned in the last release's notes, but now if you load one of the bundled projects from the start page, it should now be saved for use offline. The icon in the top-left of the thumbnail changes from a cloud to a file icon if it's been saved. Some of the projects are quite large so only the ones you load are saved, but it means when you go offline you can still load any of the example projects you've previously opened.

Finally thanks to our translation contributors we've now added Hungarian as an in-progress translation! If you'd like to help out with translations then see this forum thread to get started.

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New Additions

8 favourites
'Viewport fit' project property. Set to 'cover' to use the full display of the iPhone X.


9 favourites
Event Sheet View: now restores column sizes after resizing small then large again

Bug Fixes

6 favourites
Text: text could wrap slightly differently in runtime compared to editor
5 favourites
Make sure save button enables after changing single-global instance properties (e.g. Audio, Xbox Live, etc.)
5 favourites
Animations editor: collision polygon 1 pixel changes not working properly at zoom levels different to 100%
6 favourites
Make the "visible in editor" toggle independent for each layer when they are overridden by a global layer
5 favourites
Crash attempting autosave when offline
4 favourites
Browser storage save is unable to save on first run
4 favourites
Depth value not correctly loaded in Array Editor
5 favourites
Replacing an array, dictionary or text file while it's open in an editor would prevent it from updating
6 favourites
Crash using find/replace in the Text Editor
5 favourites
Undoing a project file replacement would delete the file

Language updates

7 favourites
Added in-progress Hungarian translation

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