Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r70

Lots of bug fixes, and a new in-progress Czech translation

28 November, 2017 ()

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We have a big batch of bug fixes for this release, which should help make sure Construct 3 works smoothly for everyone. Some of this work is also aimed at general stability in the face of unpredictable events such as network requests failing. This should help bring down the level of rare, seemingly random crashes.

Thanks to the contributor Martin Cabák we now also have an in-progress Czech translation for Construct 3! As with the others you can try it out by enabling developer mode. Finally the Russian translation is now virtually complete and we hope to have it shipped and enabled by default for the next release! It's also available in developer mode so it can be tried out in advance and check everything looks OK. Well done to the Russian contributors for being first to finish a crowd-sourced translation!

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Android export now generates versionCode using up to 4 version numbers values in the form MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.BUILD (previously only used 3)

Bug Fixes

4 favourites
Event Sheet View: range selections could sometimes select too much
3 favourites
Possible crash restoring dialog state when showing a dialog
4 favourites
Better handling of errors when network requests fail
3 favourites
Parameters dialog: inconsistent sizing in "call function" action
3 favourites
Crash when using the undo toolbar to undo several project changes at the same time
1 favourites
Animations editor: not working properly in Microsoft Edge
1 favourites
Handling of layer lock state when using "Show Translucent Inactive Layers"
1 favourites
Data editors: modifying the size by typing will often delete content from the file
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Data editors: handling of undo while the resize spinner is focused
3 favourites
Minification issue with Mobile Advert plugin

SDK updates

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Fixed installing developer addons (regression since r68)

Language updates

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Added in-progress Czech translation, available in developer mode

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