Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r66

Several bug fixes and improvements

06 November, 2017 ()

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This is mostly a maintenance release with a batch of the latest bug fixes and some other improvements along the way. For example you can now multi-select in the 'Add behavior' dialog, making it quicker to add multiple behaviors to an object. Simply hold Control while selecting behaviors to add. Also if you use bundled addons a lot, there's a new 'Don't ask again' checkbox when opening projects with bundled addons, which helps avoid the install popups appearing every time. See the changelog for the full details of everything else we've changed in this release.

Don't forget you can help translate Construct 3, and we have several translation projects progressing well. The Russian translation in particular is getting close to done! We're now also shipping incomplete translations with Construct 3 releases so translators can test out their work and see how it looks in context in the editor. See the forum post for details on how to test incomplete translations. (Note we currently aren't bundling pt-BR because it has too many problems - if they're fixed we'll add that in as well.)

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New Additions

13 favourites
Can now multi-select behaviors in the 'Add behavior' dialog
7 favourites
'Don't ask again' checkbox when prompted to install bundled addons when opening a project
6 favourites
Xbox Live: 'On local user added' trigger
4 favourites
Can now undo changes to global layer setting


3 favourites
Remote Preview dialog: connected clients are now shown beneath the QR code, so the QR code does not move as clients connect
1 favourites
Changed back/forward keyboard shortcuts from Alt+Left/right to Alt+Shift+Left/right to avoid conflicting with macOS shortcuts

Bug Fixes

4 favourites
Properties Bar: no longer scrolls to top when doing undo/redo
7 favourites
Cloning an object type from the Project Bar now copies default settings when creating a new instance
3 favourites
Possible crash undoing after reordering instance variable/behavior/effect
4 favourites
Incorrect positioning of image points and collision polygons after cropping or resizing
3 favourites
Crash when closing the image editor while a selection is active
4 favourites
Crash when renaming/deleting/moving image points right after they are created
1 favourites
Opacity not applied to tilemaps in the editor
2 favourites
Difference between editor and runtime tile rendering

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