Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r61

Media playback updates, more bug fixes

10 October, 2017 ()

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This build includes further fixes for Safari and iOS. Something we've been focusing on for this release is improving audio and video playback, particularly on mobile and in Safari 11. One of the big improvements is it now accurately detects if playback can start or if it needs to wait until the next user input event. Safari 11 has user-customisable autoplay settings, and Cordova allows media to autoplay, but we previously could not detect this. In short this means audio and video autoplay should work in Cordova, as well as anywhere else permission is granted.

Also in case you missed it, we now have a new tutorials section on where we have started publishing some Construct 3 tutorials. This includes the new Construct 3 focused beginner's guide. Take a look to get up to speed on Construct 3!

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New Additions

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HTML5 exports: now include tags to enable support for 'Add to home screen' on iOS
4 favourites
Android/iOS exports: can now choose Android 8.0+ (Oreo) and iOS 11+ as minimum versions


4 favourites
Event variable names are now allowed to start with a number, as they were in C2 (also fixes possible crash using name starting with a number)
3 favourites
Audio: now better at detecting if audio can autoplay without waiting for next user input
1 favourites
Cordova iOS: removed use of HTTP server for video playback workaround

Bug Fixes

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Safari: video and music did not play in Remote Preview
1 favourites
Safari: balloon tips did not display correctly
1 favourites
iOS: previewing project could display zoomed in
1 favourites
Cordova iOS: video might not play in iOS 11
4 favourites
If 'Preload sounds' was enabled, all music was accidentally preloaded as well
2 favourites
Audio: possible degradation of audio quality if unloading many music tracks
2 favourites
Audio: possible JavaScript error playing and then unloading audio in quick succession
2 favourites
Animations editor: handling of the secondary button to draw using the secondary color
1 favourites
Crash if backup location is set to 'Match' when no project is active
1 favourites
Array/Dictionary editor: tab name did not update when file name is changed

Performance Improvements

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Improve the responsiveness of Cloud Save by caching cloud meta data for the length of the session (can be disabled in settings)

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