Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r60

More fixes for Safari

05 October, 2017 ()

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We have a lot of additional fixes and improvements for Safari on macOS and iOS in this build. There's been a number of issues that have come up in Safari, and hopefully it's a lot easier to use with these fixes now. As ever, there are several other fixes and changes - see the changelog for the full run-down.

One more change in this build is that we're now including incomplete translations in Construct 3. This should help translators see what they've done so far in its real context in the editor. However since the translations are incomplete, they are hidden by default. To see incomplete languages, first enable Developer Mode, then the extra languages should appear in Settings. Any untranslated strings will appear in English in square brackets. We hope this helps make it easier to create good quality translations. If you'd like to help get involved in translations, see this forum thread!

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New Additions

17 favourites
Can now specify the location and the interval for project autosave
7 favourites
Account info dialog: link to 'Your licenses'


4 favourites
Video: no longer uses "floating video element" hack on iOS, so other objects can now be displayed on top of videos on iOS
4 favourites
Video: now better at detecting if video can autoplay without waiting until the next touch

Bug Fixes

4 favourites
iOS: tap-and-hold was not showing context menus
4 favourites
iOS: crash closing Settings dialog
4 favourites
iOS: did not use momentum scrolling
4 favourites
macOS: using trackpad zoom would zoom the whole UI
4 favourites
Remote Preview: error running project using WebM Opus audio on Safari 11
3 favourites
Safari: mouse cursors did not change
6 favourites
Sprite icons in the editor did not respect their initial animation & frame
3 favourites
Kiwi Story did not load in Safari
3 favourites
Improved pluralisation support, e.g. displaying "1 result" rather than "1 results" (note this will only take effect in Chrome 63+)
3 favourites
Crash when loading a project bar image in the image editor
3 favourites
Set a layer as overriden as soon as it is created, if there is a corresponding global layer
13 favourites
No longer required to enable pop ups to log into cloud save accounts
3 favourites
Editing a value in the array/dictionary editor on high-DPI device would cause the cell to draw in the wrong place

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