Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r57

Even more bug fixes, and bracket highlighting in parameters

19 September, 2017 ()

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We have even more bug fixes for you! The biggest fix is probably that the Tilemap bar wasn't working in r56 (oops), but we have this corrected now. Remember we're still in beta and if you run in to any issues, you can easily roll back with the Releases page. Along the way we made a few more changes and fixes. The Parameters dialog can now highlight matching pairs of brackets like Construct 2 did, which helps you type and understand expressions. There's a couple of extra fixes for Firefox users. We've also switched the WebM Opus encoder used to import audio to a WebAssembly version, which should be faster and help reduce the download size of Construct 3 since it uses a binary format.

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New Additions

7 favourites
Parameters dialog: bracket pairs are now highlighted

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Crash using Tilemap Bar in r56
2 favourites
Tilemap Bar: unable to use Layout View tools after using the pencil tool followed by the rectangle tool of the tilemap bar
2 favourites
Tilemaps did not always render identically between editor and runtime if the tilemap image was an inexact size
2 favourites
SpriteFont: did not always wrap text correctly
3 favourites
Crash when pressing ENTER while the dialog prompting to resize the image is open in the image editor.
1 favourites
Firefox: not rendering balloon tips properly
1 favourites
Firefox: could not interact with dialogs appearing over Array/Dictionary editor

Performance Improvements

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WebM Opus encoder now uses WebAssembly, which is faster and a smaller download

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