Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r55

Firefox support, Xbox Live leaderboards, updated data editors

12 September, 2017 ()

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In this build we're enabling support for Firefox by default! This means Firefox users can use Construct 3 directly without having to use a special testing URL. Please note that there is one outstanding Firefox bug that makes scrolling the Layout View slow. In Firefox you will be warned about this on startup in case it adversely affects your usage of Construct 3. However on most mid-to-high end systems it should be OK, or you may not do much work in the Layout View anyway. Hopefully Mozilla will fix the issue soon.

Next up we now have statistics and leaderboards support for the Xbox Live plugin! This means you can now use player statistics and hi-score boards in Xbox Live games. You should now be able to meet all the minimum requirements of the Xbox Live Creators Program and publish your games to the Xbox One! Please let us know if you do this - we're keen to hear how it works out. Don't forget to check the tutorial Using Xbox Live in UWP apps for a guide on how to get set up with Xbox Live.

Finally we've done a lot of work on the data editors (Array Editor, Dictionary Editor and Text Editor) to fix some issues and ensure they perform well even with large data sets. There's a new ability to edit 3D arrays in the Array Editor by editing a 2D sheet at a time and changing the Z index being edited.

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New Features

19 favourites
Construct 3 is now supported in Firefox!

New Additions

17 favourites
Xbox Live: support for statistics and leaderboards
17 favourites
Array editor: can now edit 3D arrays


12 favourites
Can now change the size of rows / columns in the data editor
7 favourites
Text editor undo now part of the main undo list

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
Instance variable descriptions were not loaded from projects
4 favourites
Dates and times did not always display according to the current language setting
5 favourites
Runtime compatibility with old browsers
4 favourites
Crash when using cut, copy and paste keyboard shortcuts while the tilemap bar is active
8 favourites
Caret wasn't very visible on the text editor when using the dark theme
5 favourites
Editing a text file doesn't enable save until the file is closed
4 favourites
Unable to undo while editing a value in the data editor or writing in text editor

Performance Improvements

18 favourites
New renderer for data editor, can now render much larger data sets

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