Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r54

Extended 'Find all references', 'Go to function' and more

05 September, 2017 ()

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This build adds more support for 'Find all references', including for functions (via right-clicking a function condition or action), layers (via the Layers Bar), and event groups. This means Find All References covers almost every aspect of a project now, and makes it invaluable for reviewing and understanding projects. It's also a great way to check event references before renaming something. As part of this update, there's now also a Go to function menu option when right-clicking a Call function action, letting you easily jump to the event that is called by the function.

Other improvements include updates to how preview windows work: now Construct 3 can focus existing preview windows, which is especially helpful if the preview window goes behind the Construct 3 editor window. You can now also press F5 in the preview itself and the same thing happens as pressing F5 in Construct 3: the preview updates to the latest version of the project and reloads. We've also made some changes to the instance variable dropdown in the Parameters Dialog to better categorise the list.

Finally as ever there's a batch of bug fixes. We're working hard to address every report and so far we have closed over 700 issues! Don't forget you can also click the star by changes to favourite them and show you like them!

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New Additions

23 favourites
'Go to function' menu option for 'Call function' actions
17 favourites
'Find all references' for functions
15 favourites
'Find all references' for layers
13 favourites
'Find all references' for event groups
15 favourites
Parameters dialog: instance variable dropdowns now include the variable type, and are grouped by family
6 favourites
Option to drag and drop a zip file containing a TMX file and corresponding tileset image into the Tilemap Bar


15 favourites
Preview now focuses the existing preview window when previewing again
17 favourites
Pressing F5 in the preview window now updates the preview with the latest version of the project
6 favourites
AdMob plugin: updated Cordova plugin reference
4 favourites
The language setting now defaults to the browser language (currently only French is available)

Bug Fixes

6 favourites
Layout View: could not undo moving instances via arrow keys
4 favourites
Possible project corruption after deleting an instance variable used in Multiplayer's 'Sync instance variable' action
5 favourites
Crash using 'Set layer background color' system action
7 favourites
Platform: fixed 'Is by wall' detection to not be true when hitting ceiling only
6 favourites
Debugger: 'Pause' button became disabled after pressing 'Restart'
12 favourites
Minified exports were not working since r50
7 favourites
Loading project files using uppercase characters did not always work
6 favourites
Drag and drop feedback of the Tilemap Bar

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