Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r53

Some language updates and more bug fixes

01 September, 2017 ()

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We found a few issues in r52 which we wanted to fix, so we're releasing r53 to try to make sure everything works smoothly. We fixed a few signficant bugs again, including one which made editing tilemaps difficult. We only released r52 yesterday so in case you missed it, check the r52 release notes to catch up.

One of the difficulties with translating Construct 3 is that expressions can't be translated when you type them in - if you could, it would create language-dependent name collisions and cause some really awkward problems. Instead we show translated expressions wherever possible, and only fallback to English when displaying it in the Parameters dialog. To help make this easier we've also added translated tooltips, and ensured autocomplete and parameter tips appear translated as well. Hopefully this makes it easy to enter English expressions even in another language.

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New Additions

9 favourites
Parameters dialog: when using a non-English language, hovering the mouse over expressions shows their translation in a tooltip
9 favourites
Parameters dialog: autocomplete now lists translated expressions, with the English beside it, and suggests based on the translated names


7 favourites
Parameters dialog: parameter tips now display translated expression name

Bug Fixes

11 favourites
Layout view could have display glitches after resizing the window
7 favourites
Ensure Cordova apps suspend when pressing device power button
7 favourites
Fixed a few cases where editor strings were not translated
7 favourites
Crash when pressing "shift" to activate the selection tool when editing tilemaps
7 favourites
Draw tilemap instances as soon as a project is loaded
7 favourites
Support negative speeds in the preview dialog of the animations editor
7 favourites
Unable to select a single tile from a tilemap instance using the select tool
7 favourites
Dragging of a tilemap instance while trying to edit it

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