Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r52

French translation, rgbEx expression, lots of bug fixes

31 August, 2017 ()

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The biggest change this release is we now have a French translation of the editor available! This is thanks to a lot of hard work by Kyatric. Simply change your language in the Settings dialog to try it. Translation support is currently experimental - we'd love to extend this out to as many other languages as possible, but we're trialling one language first to see how it goes and work out if there are any issues. Please give it a spin and let us know if you like it!

We've turned our focus back to bug fixes for this release, so we've got a sizable batch of improvements. A number of issues that have been around for a few weeks should be solved in this build.

One extra addition this build is you can now use the rgbEx() system expression. This works similarly to rgb() but uses a 0-100 scale (instead of 0-255), and can go out of range, e.g. to 200 or -50 (the old expression would clamp). This is helpful for setting shader parameters, e.g. tinting to 200% red.

In other news, we're also trialling experimental support for C3 in Firefox. Click the link to find out more! If you try Construct 3 in Firefox we're keen to hear how it works out, so please post in that thread if you have any feedback.

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New Features

12 favourites
French language translation available in Settings

New Additions

10 favourites
'Help' links in several more dialogs
12 favourites
New system expression rgbEx(r,g,b), which has an extended range and better precision
15 favourites
Can now scroll Event Sheet View while dragging events
7 favourites
'Description' column to object instance variables dialog

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Mobile: sometimes the address bar would overlap the top of the UI
2 favourites
Mobile: double-tapping conditions/actions could sometimes immediately go back
3 favourites
Mobile: pasting instances in the Layout View now positions them correctly
4 favourites
Possible appearance of seams between tiles in tilemaps in editor
5 favourites
Ensure custom themes apply correctly in popup windows
4 favourites
Correctly update focus when tabbing between panes
3 favourites
Possible crash creating another object before clicking with crosshair
4 favourites
Event sheet view: up/down arrows could sometimes select deleted items
4 favourites
Debugger now wraps long variable names
7 favourites
8 direction behavior did not apply maximum speed correctly on diagonals
4 favourites
'Pick overlapping point' now correctly handles tilemaps
8 favourites
Negative animation speeds are now allowed in the editor
4 favourites
Video could fail to load on platforms with case-sensitive filenames
4 favourites
Projects did not correctly suspend and resume when the browser tab/app was hidden
6 favourites
Origin/image point changes not being applied after cropping or resizing in the image editor
4 favourites
Fixed handling of tile spacing when rendering Tilemap instances
4 favourites
Crash upon using the edit button in the toolbar of the image points panel of the image editor
3 favourites
Sizing of columns of the expressions dictionary
3 favourites
Possible crash when undoing changes in the image editor
3 favourites
Runtime crash when not preloading sounds

Performance Improvements

10 favourites
Improved Opus decoder warm up time when loading sounds on the fly

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