Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r49

New IAP plugin

15 August, 2017 ()

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In this build we're replacing the IAP plugin with a brand new one, now named "Mobile IAP", designed for and tested with the new Scirra mobile app build service. We're short on documentation at the moment but we're planning on writing a tutorial soon to help get people up to speed with it. The old IAP plugin has been deprecated so it will no longer appear in the editor. If you have an existing project you want to switch over, note you'll have to add the new plugin, transfer over all your events, and delete the old one. Hopefully everything works smoothly but if you run in to any trouble, please file an issue, and as ever follow all the guidelines.

We've also updated the new Export Manager dialog to display all kinds of export, rather than just Cordova. So you can use this dialog to review your last few exports. There's a few tweaks to make addon developer's lives easier, and as ever a few general bug fixes in the mix too.

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New Features

7 favourites
Brand-new IAP plugin, now named "Mobile IAP"

New Additions

3 favourites
All exports now appear in the export manager


3 favourites
Deprecated old IAP plugin
2 favourites
Moved debug button from main toolbar to the preview button dropdown

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Duplicating a layout did not keep the same event sheet setting
2 favourites
Edit family dialog could allow mixing plugin types in families, which would crash
3 favourites
ShadowLight: shadow color property did not take effect
2 favourites
Event Sheet View: 'Reset column sizes' did not always use defaults
2 favourites
Possible crash undoing pasting an object with behaviors
2 favourites
Image points and collision polygons misplaced after undoing crop and resize commands in the image editor

SDK updates

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Better error message if developer mode addon is missing 'file-list' key
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Errors installing .c3addons are now logged to the browser console to help identify the problem

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