Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r44

Updated Dark theme, bug fixes

06 July, 2017 ()

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In this build the Dark theme has been updated to resolve some issues and update the design. If you havent' already, give it a try by changing your theme in Construct 3's settings! We also realised that due to an oversight there was nowhere visible in the UI to zoom a layout view. The keyboard shortcuts are to hold Ctrl and mousewheel or +/- on the keyboard, but now there's zoom options in the context menu as well.

As ever there's a few more bug fixes, and please let us know if you run in to any issues by filing a report following all the guidelines.

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New Additions

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Layout view: new zoom options in 'View' menu


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Updated Dark theme to latest version, improving design in several places and fixing some issues
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Updated minifier used for exporting projects to the latest version

Bug Fixes

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Event sheet view: sometimes unselecting event blocks didn't work correctly
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Parameters dialog: issues with autocomplete in r43
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Parameters dialog: autocomplete suggestions now work better when editing half-way through a name
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Color spinners not working properly in the Image Editor
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Revert state of overridden layers when the global layer they reference is deleted for any reason.
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Data editor would crash after having html pasted into it

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