Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r43

Supports using accounts offline

04 July, 2017 () Last updated on 04 July, 2017 ()

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We're aware it's important to many users that Construct 3 continues to work offline. C3 itself can of course load while offline, but previously it'd also revert to the Free edition. In this update we've added support for continuing to use your account offline too. So for example if you have a Personal subscription and go offline, you can continue using licensed features. The offline login lasts for 7 days and renews whenever you go online, so as long as you are online once a week, you can use your license indefinitely whether online or offline.

There's a few design tweaks to icons in this build, and as usual a couple of bug fixes. More updates are on the way!

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New Features

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Accounts can now be used offline (for up to 7 days)


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Updated a number of icons
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Adjustment to improve icon quality on devices with non-integral device pixel ratios

Bug Fixes

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Possible crash cancelling login dialog while it was logging in
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Possible crash while renaming items in the Project Bar
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Text Editor would sometimes not save or revert the file

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