Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r40

'Pick last created', safe mode, memory optimisation & more bug fixes

22 June, 2017 ()

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This build adds a new Pick last created system condition. This allows an easy way to pick an object created with Create by name. For example if you create an object based on an expression, but every possible type it could create belongs to a family, then you can use Pick last created in a sub-event to still be able to run actions on the created instance. This condition also has the ability to pick newly created instances in parallel sub-event branches, which provides a workaround to the quirk where other normal conditions can't otherwise pick it.

As usual there's a batch of bug fixes, largely aimed at the animations editor, global layers and iOS. Diego has also done a lot of work to reduce the memory overhead of the animations editor, which is particularly significant if you edit very large images. Finally there's a new 'safe mode' to help you uninstall addons that crash Construct 3. There's more information about that in the SDK documentation.

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New Additions

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New system condition: 'Pick last created'

Bug Fixes

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Possible crash on startup on first run
1 favourites
Resize the height of items in the frames panel of the Animations Editor when choosing a thumbnail size
1 favourites
Restore the last selected tool in the Animations Editor
1 favourites
Properly duplicate global layers
1 favourites
Crash moving instances to overridden layers
1 favourites
Crash after attempting to close the animations editor after loading a large image
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iOS apps with audio could freeze on the loading screen
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Updated Cordova plugin ID for GameCenter
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'Create object (by name)' could cause incorrect picking after it was run

Performance Improvements

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Lower the memory footprint of the Animations Editor

SDK updates

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New Safe Mode for addon development. If you accidentally make an addon that crashes C3 on startup, add ?safe-mode to the URL. You can then uninstall it from the Addon Manager.

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