Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r39

Re-land the architectural change originally made for r38

19 June, 2017 ()

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For the time being we're focusing more on architectural work to ensure we have a solid foundation for the long-term future. Towards this, we tried to make a change to HTML imports in r38, but we ran in to a Chrome bug and had to retract it in r38.2. We've now worked around the Chrome bug, and this release is mainly to test that the change really works this time! As a result the changelog is pretty short.

For some context, here's the original description of the change we wanted to make in r38:

This build also makes quite a significant architectural change: Construct 3 is built entirely around HTML imports, since they are an excellent way to modularise a large web app. Sadly despite their great utility, they've not managed to take off with other browser vendors, so Google are going to start rolling back support for HTML imports in Chrome. But don't worry! We have built a polyfill that completely replaces the feature, and in our testing appears to work identically. To future-proof Construct 3 from changes in Chrome, we've now switched to always using the polyfill, even in Chrome versions that support HTML imports. In theory this won't change anything, but do be on the look out for any extra bugs or quirks that this may have caused.

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New Additions

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New icons for Remote Preview and 'Wrap selection'


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Re-enabled the HTML imports polyfill. Hopefully it works this time!

Bug Fixes

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Dialog layout persistence resets when editor is restarted

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