Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r33

A number of usability improvements

01 June, 2017 ()

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We're starting to settle down on the bugs front and we're moving to focusing more on usability improvements, or just minor quality-of-life improvements to help make Construct 3 satisfying to use. One significant change is previously if your saved login expired, you'd just silently go back to the free edition, which caused some confusion. Now instead it will prompt you to log in again so you keep all features of your account. There's several more fixes similarly aimed at making life a bit better when using C3. And of course, more bug fixes!

One bug fix involved quite a lot of refactoring: ensuring that local & global event variables work correctly when being dragged and dropped or copied and pasted. We've quite significantly changed the code involved in this. In theory it should work better now, but as ever big changes can equally cause problems, so please be on the lookout for anything amiss there.

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New Additions

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When saved logins expire, you are now prompted to log in again, instead of silently reverting to free edition.

Bug Fixes

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Event Sheet View: significant refactoring to fix a number of issues with drag-drop/copy-pasting event variables
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Event Sheet View: pressing Ctrl+F now focuses the Find dialog when it's already showing
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Layout View: cloning instances now correctly preserves the blend mode
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Layout View: possible crash pressing both middle and left mouse buttons
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Creating a new non-layout object (e.g. Audio, Array) now correctly shows its properties after adding it
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Parameters dialog: call tips could sometimes appear blurry
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Parameters dialog: double-tapping autocomplete suggestions on mobile should now work correctly
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Sprite/Tiled Background: loading images from project files could break after export due to case sensitivity
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Correctly apply all changes made with the resize dialog of the image editor
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Rendering of transformed tile collision polygons
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Highlight items in the Z-Order Bar when the corresponding instances are selected in the layout view

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