Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r304

Functions 'Copy picked'; more Android updates; bug fixes

25 July, 2022 ()

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In this release we've added a new Copy picked option for functions. When enabled, the function will be called with all the same instances picked as the place that called it (but the function won't change the picking for the place that called it). This is a useful new option to ensure functions can easily operate on the same set of picked instances, avoiding the need for workarounds such as passing UIDs in parameters.

We've also done some more Android updates including bumping the target API level again (since there's a separate API level for "Android 12L"), ensuring the exported config.xml is properly formatted, and fixing an issue with builds using the Share plugin.

There's also a batch of bug fixes, including some improvements for timelines, themes, and a couple of possible crashes.

Please note: due to staff time off, there will not be a beta release next week (1-5 August). The next beta release will be the following week (8-12 August).

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New Additions

29 favourites
Functions: 'Copy picked' option
21 favourites
Functions: display return type in Event Sheet View


6 favourites
Android exports: update to target API level 32
6 favourites
Cordova exports: format exported config.xml
4 favourites
Removed NW.js specific editor features

Bug Fixes

6 favourites
Timeline bar: hide nested timelines controls when not needed
5 favourites
Timelines: inconsistent runtime results when animating X/Y scale of multiple instances in same hierarchy
5 favourites
Share plugin: build error exporting to Android (regression r303)
7 favourites
Add some missing behavior debugger properties
6 favourites
Possible crash pressing 'Enter' in dialog for importing files
5 favourites
Properties Bar: did not always clear when deleting object type from Properties Bar
10 favourites
Prevent manually saving project while it is autosaving
9 favourites
Physics: collisions did not always work with meshes
6 favourites
Avoid showing free edition prompt when opening project with text/data editor tabs
9 favourites
Text editor: improve highlighting colors for the dark theme
8 favourites
Text editor: properly style the text search for both light and dark themes
8 favourites
Tabs: make tab styling consistent in all cases in both the light and dark themes
4 favourites
Properties bar: some property heights incorrect with some themes on Firefox

Scripting updates

5 favourites
Fix DOMQuad p1..p4 properties being renamed by advanced minify

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