Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r299

Further timeline improvements; bug fixes

21 June, 2022 ()

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In this release we've done more work to refine the Timeline bar and improve its usability and reliability. Other changes include some improvements for 8 Direction's new 'Allow sliding' mode, and a new 'Is effect enabled' condition. We also have a new Alchemist example you can check out.

We're aiming to get to a stable release in the next couple of weeks, so the focus is now on bug fixes and reliability. Stay tuned for more updates!

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New Additions

9 favourites
Timeline bar: standalone keyboard shortcut to stop preview (Ctrl/Cmd + space bar)
11 favourites
New example 'Alchemist'
9 favourites
Timeline bar: show the time where the play head and total time markers are at
15 favourites
8 Direction: 'Allows sliding' condition; 'Set allow sliding' action
10 favourites
Timeline bar: keyboard shortcuts to add common property tracks (Alt + T/S/Z/A/O/C for position/size/Z elevation/angle/opacity/color)
20 favourites
Added 'Is effect enabled' condition


9 favourites
Timeline bar: space bar while previewing now pauses the timeline at the current time
8 favourites
Timeline bar: swap toolbar button icons to cycle through keyframes
8 favourites
Timeline bar: put cut/copy/paste in same row in context menu

Bug Fixes

16 favourites
8 Direction: improve handling of collisions in 'Allow sliding' mode
7 favourites
Project Bar: possible crash copy-pasting script files
7 favourites
Project Bar: possible crash adding script if name "main.js" already used
8 favourites
Event Sheet View: add missing 'Toggle breakpoint' context menu option for block scripts
11 favourites
Browser: new window size was not yet set when triggering 'On resized'
8 favourites
Timeline bar: prevent timelines from getting in inconsistent states (regression r298)
8 favourites
Timeline bar: the time marks were not displayed correctly at zoom levels lower than 100%
7 favourites
Timeline bar: particles not triggering live preview when playing a timeline in the editor
7 favourites
Timeline bar: time marker tabs sometimes visible when they shouldn't be
7 favourites
Timeline bar: make sure the pointer is always on top of a time marker while it is being dragged
7 favourites
Timeline bar: make sure the pointer icon doesn't flicker while dragging a time marker

Scripting updates

8 favourites
Add I8DirectionBehaviorInstance.isAllowSliding

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  • Ohhhh mama! The Timelines editor just keeps on getting better and better :)

    Looking forward to the next Stable Release as well!

    As always, thanks Scirra! Keep up the great work :)

    EDIT: Just spent some time, and played around with the new Alchemist Example. It seems like a solid base for a crafting system. I always learn something new within the provided examples.

  • Love the update and new example! Now if we can get an On Exit Collision condition 🤓🙏

  • Thanks for the awesome update!

  • Construct 3 Will recieve more 3d updates???

  • will the debugger improvements be in for the next stable? I am most excited for that!

  • Thanks