Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r298

More timeline improvements; bug fixes

07 June, 2022 ()

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In this release we've continued to make a range of improvements to timelines. We're keen to improve the usability and add any important missing shortcuts or tools, so let us know if we're still missing something important to you..

We're aiming to get to a stable release in the next few weeks, so the focus is now on bug fixes and reliability, which comprises most of the remaining changes. Stay tuned for more updates!

Please note: due to staff time off, there will not be a beta release next week (13-17 June). The next beta release will instead be the following week (20-24 June).

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New Additions

6 favourites
Timeline bar: show handles on time markers to make them easier to see when overlapping or at time 0
6 favourites
Timeline bar: additional toolbar buttons to jump to first/last keyframe
6 favourites
Timeline bar: ',' and '.' keys move through keyframes (hold shift for start/end)


12 favourites
8 Direction: improve handling of speed when sliding along solids
4 favourites
Timeline bar: scroll the current time marker into view when cycling through keyframes
5 favourites
Timeline bar: use the space bar alone to preview the current timeline
4 favourites
Timeline bar: keyframe multi-selection now always enabled
3 favourites
Timeline bar: tracks can now only be sorted by drag and drop from the middle section of the bar
3 favourites
Try to work around possible error loading runtime if server blocks blob: URLs

Bug Fixes

11 favourites
8 Direction: reset velocity if hitting flat against surface with 'Allow sliding'
4 favourites
Timeline bar: buttons to jump through keyframes not previewing the timeline (regression r297)
4 favourites
Timeline bar: crash undoing creation of keyframes if they are highlighted
5 favourites
Timeline bar: move property keyframes when dragging instead of copying them
4 favourites
Timeline bar: always update timeline preview after undoing
5 favourites
Possible crash resizing panes with very small window size
6 favourites
Crash loading savegame using NaN or Infinity in effect parameters
6 favourites
JSON: could sometimes work incorrectly after a 'For each' loop
7 favourites
Event Sheet View: possible crash adding then immediately moving function parameter
6 favourites
Event Sheet View: could incorrectly allow duplicate local variable names in some drag/drop cases
6 favourites
Event Sheet View: could incorrectly hide 'Add action' row after a failed drag/drop

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  • The 8-direction sliding is awesome!

    I would love it to be added to other movement behaviors as well, for example: the custom movement (maybe added to the push out solid?) and move-to.

    • I'm happy with the 8-direction sliding, it's much better now. And I agree, it would be great to see this added to the other movement behaviors.


      Would probably also make sense to enable "Allow sliding" by default since it's imo the expected behavior

    • I second this :)

      Would be awesome to see some of these improvements on the 8 Directional Behavior, added to some of the other movement behaviors.

  • Event action: "allow sliding" on/off is needed.

    I realized that when switching between 2 and 8 way direction where 2 direction (side view) should have it off not to be able to climb walls, and 8 direction (fake diagonal top down view) should have it on, not to get stuck on walls.

  • I'm really digging the updates to the Timelines Editor lately. As well as some of the changes made to the, 8 Directional Movement Behavior. I agree with, "fedca", on seeing some of these updates across other movement behaviors as well.

    Great update to Construct 3, as always. Many Thanks to the Scirra team! :)

  • This is great! I was wondering if you guys are looking into fixing the Undo Stutter bug? Whenever we hit the undo button the engine freezes for multiple seconds then unfreezes. I and other devs are also experience a long preview load time. When hitting preview it use to take 3 seconds to get into the game. Now its upwards to 15-30 seconds. Both of these bugs began two updates ago.

    • Interesting. I have not personally noticed the slight freeze time when performing Undo action. I usually use the "CTRL + Z" keyboard shortcut, all applications have.

      Sometimes I will Undo several changes in rapid succession as well. Have you tested standard web browser troubleshooting. Clearing all cache/cookies/etc? Or test in other browsers?

      I used to work at a very large pharmacy in the States, in the Corporate IT Support Dept. For most web apps, I would just remote into their computer, and run through standard web browser troubleshooting real quick. And, the web apps would restore their normal behavior.

      If that doesn't help. It might be something else, between the differences of our two machines. If other folks are experiencing this as well. I wonder if it could be tracked down to a specific piece of hardware/software in all machines affected.

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      • Ashley
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      I've not seen any other reports of those issues. As ever we need a bug report following all the guidelines to be able to investigate.