Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r277

New beta cycle: new Z axis scale setting; animations editor improvements; lots more

04 January, 2022 ()

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Happy new year! We're now starting a new beta release cycle and this release brings lots of improvements and fixes.

First of all there's a new project property Z axis scale. The default Normalized mode is how it used to work: at 100% scale, the camera is 100 units above the layout. However this can become awkward when working in 3D, since the Z axis uses a different scale to the X and Y axes. So now you can change the setting to Regular which uses the same units on all three axes. This solves various things that were previously tricky, like resizing the view, moving the camera around, and sizing a 3D shape in to a cube. However in this mode the camera has to be placed at a different Z height for normal 2D rendering, which itself depends on the viewport size. To help manage all this, the 3D Camera object now has a new Default camera Z property you can use to identify where a 2D camera will normally be positioned.

There's also a range of additions to the Animations Editor, as well as adjustments to things like expressions, the macOS WKWebiew export, and as usual some bug fixes. Happy testing and stay tuned for another year of exciting updates!

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New Additions

17 favourites
Project property 'Z axis scale'
13 favourites
3D Camera: 'DefaultCameraZ' expression
14 favourites
Support for fractional numbers in expressions starting with a dot, such as .5 + .5
17 favourites
Animations editor: support exporting and importing collision polygon and image point data along with image data
17 favourites
Animations editor: option to crop all the animations in an object type
10 favourites
Animations editor: keyboard shortcuts to change animations, ctrl/command + up/down arrow keys
14 favourites
Animations editor: option to replace existing animations and folders when doing a bulk import
10 favourites
Animations editor: option to export image point and collision polygon data along with the corresponding images
13 favourites
Scene graph: live preview the corresponding hierarchy in the editor when toggling the checkbox on plugins and behaviours that support it


3 favourites
macOS WKWebView export: quit app when window closed
4 favourites
Line of sight behavior: ensure behavior icon shows in all conditions/actions

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
Turret behavior: ensure cannot target itself
4 favourites
Use correct file permissions for latest Linux NW.js export
3 favourites
Properties Bar: could appear slightly incorrectly in some browsers
3 favourites
Animations editor: vertical or horizontal smooth lines of thickness = 1 drawn with incorrect color when using alpha channel values different to 255
5 favourites
Animations editor: prevent the default "back" navigation when sliding panels from the left side of the screen in mobile devices
4 favourites
Firefox: alpha transparency could appear incorrectly in editor
4 favourites
Firefox: ensure search field focused in object picker dialog

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  • Thank you for supporting fractional numbers starting with a decimal in expressions!

  • Thanks for all the upgrades to the animation editor!

  • I see a lot of updates that were recommended in the community. Thanks for the great work as always Scirra dev team, and listening to the community :)

  • Oh my gosh! I suggested a z scale! Maybe others did too, but still, a proud moment! I'm on Cloud 9! (and soon to be release 277)

  • Awesome news about the Z axis scale!

  • I have never used 3d in my project, in the r277 update, the shadowcaster display on canvas broke when using The default Normalized mode, and works as before only when Regular mode is enabled. Is this a mistake or did I get something wrong?

  • Thanks for always updating, I use the C3 in my daily life and it was the best engine I chose.

    As a frequent user would like to suggest for the animation editor, the option to import more than one animation strip. Sometimes I project my artworks with several animations in the same file and I need to import them all and keep deleting, this makes me lose a lot of time. It would be helpful to define the animations already, example column 1 = floor; Column 2 = Breathing, etc. Thanks.

  • I see how you can export the collision poly data. But I don't see how to import it. Am I missing something?

  • Is the ad plugin working? It doesn't work in version 276.2!!!

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      • DiegoM
      • Construct Team Construct 3 Developer
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      I found an issue that might be affecting some people, hopefully your problem will be sorted in the following beta release.

  • at least....

    .aab exports are fixed....phew!!

    Thank uuu!!!! <3