Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r275

5 new examples; bug fixes

07 December, 2021 ()

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In this release we've added 5 new examples thanks to our friends over at Viridino Studios, all of which also make use of some of the new 3D features! So check them out - as ever you can find them in the Start Page by searching, or going to the More... section and selecting the new tag.

We also have adjusted the appearance of timelines in the Timelines Bar, and there's another set of bug fixes. All being well we will have a stable release out before the end of the year. So stay tuned for that hopefully coming soon!

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New Additions

15 favourites
New examples 'Air combat', 'Foggy outbreak', 'Ghost racer', 'Gravity portal', 'Slide puzzle 3D'


5 favourites
Timeline bar: default view now shows a connecting line between keyframes

Bug Fixes

7 favourites
Global layers did not display sub-layers correctly
7 favourites
Error using 'Unload object images (by name)'
5 favourites
Timeline bar: crash closing the bar while multiple elements are selected
5 favourites
Timelines: runtime crash using negative playback rates (regression r273)
5 favourites
Timelines: runtime crash changing layout while a timeline is playing (regression r273)
5 favourites
Scene graph: could not recover from setting instance to zero size while in a hierarchy
6 favourites
Animations editor: clear command could produce incorrect results after certain sequences

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  • Thank you for 'Foggy outbreak' and 'Ghost racer'! So much to learn from these examples - cheers

    • It's great!

      There's something strange going with Transparency + Fog though. If you watch the ropes or zombies from various angles, something is bugged.

  • Puzzle example in 3D. Yes!

  • Aw Snap error appears every time I create 2 layouts, with text in the second layout. When I go from 1st to 2nd layout, I always get the error. But if I put text on the 1st layout also, it does not happen.

  • Add to that global layers.. I still have problems in my project (not using sub-layers) on layouts where are overridden layers I cannot see all objects neither background colour from that global layer. Still bugs there but it is hard to report it or describe it more.