Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r272

New 3D effects like Fog; improved Android keyboard handling; bug fixes

17 November, 2021 ()

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Work on the new effect compositor continues, and we're pleased to introduce new support for 3D effects! These are a new category of effects that change the effect based on depth, i.e. distance from the camera. A good example of this is fog, which basically fades to a color over distance, and a fog effect is now included. There's also a new Depth stripe effect which also shows what's possible: it can paint stripes over the scene that recede with depth, and may have some interesting creative uses. The fundamental capability that makes this possible is the ability to sample depth in shaders, and this is also available for third-party effect developers to use and will be documented in due course. This will allow others to explore the creative possibilities of depth-processing effects!

Another significant update this release is improved handling of the virtual keyboard (VK) on Android. iOS already handles the VK nicely, just panning the view up slightly if necessary to ensure the input element is in view. On Android this has historically been more awkward as the VK would actually resize the entire view. This could in turn cause the game canvas to scale really small, making it hard to see what's being entered. Now thanks to the Virtual Keyboard API in Chrome 94+ this has been improved to work more like it does on iOS: the game canvas will not be resized, and instead the keyboard will overlay the view and if necessary pan the view up to ensure the input element is visible - a much nicer way to handle the VK.

And as ever there's a batch of bug fixes, including sorting out some more issues with the new effect compositor and the new sub-layers feature.

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New Additions

19 favourites
New 'Fog (exponential)' effect for 3D distance fog effect
13 favourites
New 'Depth stripe' effect for 3D distance stripe effect


13 favourites
Android: where possible improve handling of on-screen keyboard to avoid resizing the entire canvas

Bug Fixes

8 favourites
Effects could render incorrectly for objects with altered opacity or color
7 favourites
Effects could render incorrectly for objects partially behind a 3D camera
6 favourites
Effects could render incorrectly with an altered vanishing point or orthographic projection
5 favourites
Layout View: content was still selectable on sub-layers of a hidden layer
5 favourites
Layout View: active sub-layer still appeared transparent in 'Translucent inactive layers' mode
6 favourites
Runtime: crash using auto tiling brushes other than the first one
6 favourites
Runtime: layer 'Is visible' state did not update if parent layer hidden
6 favourites
Animations editor: zoom with mouse not working when pointer is on top of a rectangle selection
7 favourites
right() expression not working correctly if count longer than string
5 favourites
Firefox: object dialog picker could repeat its content in some circumstances

SDK updates

9 favourites
Add support for sampling depth in effects

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