Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r271

New sub-layers feature; effect compositor updates; bug fixes

09 November, 2021 ()

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In this release we're excited to introduce a new feature: sub-layers! These allow you to add layers inside other layers in the Layers Bar, making a tree of layers. You can use this purely for organisation, acting like layer folders. However things get more interesting when you add effects to a layer with sub-layers. In this case the effect will alter the appearance of the layer and all its sub-layers. This can help process effects efficiently - for example previously if you wanted the same effect on 3 consecutive layers, you'd need to add the same layer effect to all 3 layers, and then the effect would have to be processed repeatedly as well. However now if you add the effect to a single layer with 3 sub-layers, it runs the effect just once altering the appearance of all the sub-layers - saving the need to process the effect repeatedly. Further it also unlocks more advanced effects, such as by having a stack of background sub-layers and a stack of lighting sub-layers which can all be combined with effects on the parent layers. Take a look at the updated Shadows: blending multiple lights example to see how that can work. We're excited to see what new creative possibilities you can come up with using this!

Work on the new effects compositor has also continued, fixing several issues that have come up, and also improving support for different display densities. We have some more work lined up on the new effects system so stay tuned for some more updates in this area, and as ever let us know if you notice any effects working differently in your projects.

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New Features

35 favourites
Sub-layers: use nested layers like folders, or for composing more sophisticated effects


13 favourites
Layers Bar: change to 'Insert layer above/below' menu items when a layer is right-clicked
18 favourites
Update 'Shadows: blending multiple lights' example to use sub-layers

Bug Fixes

6 favourites
Effects could render inconsistently on devices with different display pixel densities
6 favourites
Possible crash disabling effects at runtime (regression r270)
8 favourites
Layout View: objects could disappear if effects used (regression r270)
5 favourites
Layout View: background could turn black in some circumstances (regression r270)
5 favourites
Layout View: 'translucent inactive layers' did not always work with layer effects (regression r270)
7 favourites
Event Sheet View: dialogs could incorrectly lose focus in some circumstances
6 favourites
Event Sheet View: expression autocomplete not always hidden when backspacing inside name
5 favourites
Event Sheet View: search results in expressions could display twice (regression r270)
8 favourites
'On object clicked' not always picking correctly in OR block sub-event
4 favourites
Project bar: duplicating a file did not add an undo point
5 favourites
Project bar: search results could collapse when changing tab
4 favourites
Pin behavior: 'Destroy with pinned object' state not saved in savegames
4 favourites
Tweens: tweens not restored properly using the system load action (regression r264)
5 favourites
Particles plugin: "One Shot" particle systems not properly restored using the system load action
5 favourites
Work around bug in Safari 15 that could cause incorrect display of alpha in images

SDK updates

5 favourites
Add devicePixelRatio uniform for effects

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  • Very nice thank you.

    Btw icon for "insert layer below" has black colour in dark mode, other icons have light grey.

  • nice basically like photoshop folders awesome feature. this will be useful.

  • nice, looking forward to try it!

    ...after wanting to try it I realize my R270 project doesn't open in R271. I'll file a bug report.

  • Yassssssss. At last :)

  • Damn, this is amazing. Thanks C3 team for making this engine better everytime!

  • excellent!!!

  • I love all updates. Congratulations to the team. I would like to make a suggestion. Setting the block option to be global between layers, ie I use 1 object on different layers, would be very useful. Thanks.

  • Just the other day I was thinking to myself how weird it was that construct has been around for so long but it still lacked basic layer organization (while it's got so many advanced stuff) Hurrray for the dev team!

  • Wow, 0 new example

  • thank you for the dialog bug fix!

    The next stable update is going to be perfect for my game that is on progress!

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