Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r264

Mouse look in 3D; Timeline value tracks; bug fixes

21 September, 2021 ()

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This release adds support for mouse look with the 3D camera object! This consists of two parts. Firstly the Mouse plugin now supports pointer lock, which means the cursor disappears and just provides movement values in the On movement trigger, so you can keep turning on a spot without the mouse reaching the edge of the window. Secondly the 3D camera object now has a Rotate camera action, to which you can pass the mouse movement values and get a 3D mouse look. The First-person platformer example has been updated with mouse look, so take a look at that for an example.

There's also now support for value tracks in timelines. These allow you to just have a changing number on a timeline. For example it could be used for a volume level that changes as the timeline plays.

There's also a batch of bug fixes, a new 3D example, and support for sorting animation folders in the Animations Editor. As ever stay tuned for more updates!

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New Additions

26 favourites
Mouse: support for pointer lock
21 favourites
3D camera: camera rotation action and expressions (for mouse look)
21 favourites
3D camera: 'Set position' action
14 favourites
Timelines: add standalone value tracks
14 favourites
Timelines: expression to query value tracks at runtime
14 favourites
Animations editor: support sorting animation folders
14 favourites
New example '8-sided billboard'


15 favourites
Update 'First-person platformer' example to use mouse look

Bug Fixes

7 favourites
Tilemap: not drawing with some 3D camera orientations
7 favourites
3D camera: could display 3D mesh distortion incorrectly
5 favourites
Possible crash creating lots of event groups quickly
5 favourites
Runtime: fix collision between tilemaps and other instance types when they are in different layers
5 favourites
Animations editor: crash attempting to delete all animations
7 favourites
Animations editor: crash dragging and dropping a file from Firefox's download menu
6 favourites
Animations editor: Layout View not updating correctly after closing the editor while editing an object type with effects
4 favourites
Sorting tabs in the main pane without tearing them off first did not trigger an update of the UI state
4 favourites
Preview: projects containing tilemaps could fail to preview due to missing auto tiling brush data using different transformations (regression r260)
7 favourites
Possible crash deleting 3D shape (regression r263)

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  • Damn you, Scirra! Now I can finally migrate from R241 to R263 and scrap the four years of tinkering with my raycast engine :D

    *Tips hat and struts towards sundown*

  • Guys, you're amazing! Every week i've opening Construct and my eyes everytime goes bigger because of your cool updates!

  • I was JUST about to try to wire together mouse look for the 3D camera. You guys are effing awesome.

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    • Fib
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    I'm sure this will get overlooked by the 3D stuff, but thank you for the value track in the Timeline. That opens it up to be much more general purpose and more useful overall!

  • Does anyone else feel like christmas comes once a week now? These new releases are so exciting!

  • It's since R262 I was looking for a mouse pointer locking system. You are reading my mind. Thank you!

  • Thanks , Importing .obj files would be nice

  • yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    very useful! thank u!!

    Can u add .obj import options?

  • I want to make a full-fledged 3D game.

    1) I am missing the ability to import from blender and 3ds Max

    2) It will also be cool if there is a full-fledged 3D editor for building

  • Thanks a lot for the pointer lock ^_^

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