Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r263

Orthographic projection; 3D camera updates; new 3D examples & more

14 September, 2021 ()

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New this release: you can now use orthographic projections with 3D camera! A normal perspective projection means things get smaller as they get further away. However the new orthographic projection means things stay the same size no matter how close or far from the camera they are. This might seem like an odd thing to do, but it's actually useful for certain art styles or types of game. Take a look at the new Orthographic projection example which helps visualize the difference in an interactive way. It also demonstrates how orthographic projections can be a useful tool for designing isometric games.

In addition to the orthographic projection example, we have two very cool new examples in this release. Firstly First-person platformer demonstrates using the 3D Camera object with some simple logic to handle the Z axis in events. This results in a way to jump up and down on the Z axis! Secondly the folks over at Viridino Studios have created a very stylish Ground shift template that uses the new 3D features to great effect. Take a look at both to see what's now possible.

There's also a batch of bug fixes, including some improvements when using 3D Camera, and some script interfaces to access some of the new 3D features. Stay tuned for more updates!

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New Features

22 favourites
Layout property to use orthographic projection

New Additions

14 favourites
New examples 'Ground shift', 'First-person platformer', 'Orthographic projection'
15 favourites
3DCamera: LayerToCanvas/CanvasToLayer expressions that work in 3D
9 favourites
File Chooser: 'Clear' action


10 favourites
Update '3D castle maze' example to use 3D Camera object

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Event sheet view: possible project corruption drag-and-dropping local variables to location already using their names
3 favourites
Form controls could display with slightly wrong size
6 favourites
Improve robustness of previewing, especially after quickly closing popup
5 favourites
Tilemap: not rendering correctly with 3D camera
6 favourites
SpriteFont: could appear glitchy with 3D camera
7 favourites
3D shape: origin now updates according to origin of back face
8 favourites
DrawingCanvas: could render incorrectly (regression r262)

Scripting updates

4 favourites
Add 3D Camera script interface
4 favourites
Fix DrawingCanvas methods throwing exceptions if used before first tick
4 favourites
Add property ILayout.projection

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  • Great stuff!

    Now all we need is a Pointerlock feature.

  • yay! 3d Obj files options please!!! :)

  • Just saw the email, jumped to this article, and checked out all the new examples. It's incredible the rate that updates are added to Construct 3, to make it an amazing game engine. I'm so glad I jumped over to Construct when I did :). Keep up the great work dev team!

  • I can't believe you're doing this, guys. 3d features add so much juice. Please keep going and don't stop!

  • Absolutely awesome stuff! I've used the new 3D camera plugin in a silly game jam entry this weekend:

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    • you can already use three.js script library and import ur 3D model as a json model it's a bit more complicated as require some little knowledge on javascript and three.js but is doable using 3D objects inside 2D plane will allow for better character animations and fluidity problem with 3D objects moving is collisions and also making them look as 2D if that is ur cup of tea hand drawing and matching the 3D modeling rendering to look like 2D character is a bit of pain.

  • Probably future C3 will have ray tracing :)

  • I really have to say that I'm always impressed with your work. Construct 3 has become more than I ever expected... I'm creating things I never thought I could possibly do! Thanks so much for your continued efforts, it's really appreciated

  • NOW we're cooking! - 3D orthographic projection looks VERY promesing and the 3D first person platformer makes me excitet! Good work gang!

    Would love to have a way to animate 3D objects though.

  • If this can import fully 3D animated files. Construct 3 will be the best game making software in the world. I think Construct 3 will be improved that level. :)

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