Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

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Construct 3 r262

New 3D camera plugin!

07 September, 2021 ()

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In this release we're pleased to introduce the new 3D camera plugin! This object lets you move the camera around the layout in 3D. (Note it only affects 3D layers.) You can use it for something as simple as slightly adjusting the viewport in an otherwise 2D game, or go as far as building a simple first-person-shooter (FPS) style game, as the new 'First-person shooter' template demonstrates. This adds a lot of creative possibilities and we can't wait to see what you can make with it! Just remember that while the camera can move in 3D, the rest of Construct still largely works in 2D, such as with collisions. However this still allows for quite a lot of scope using 2D gameplay with 3D graphics.

This release also adds a few other smaller features that should also come in handy when using 3D camera, such as the ability for the Car behavior to turn while stopped (useful for controlling the player in an FPS style game), and a Draw order setting for layers that can help make sure transparency works as expected. Other than that there's a few bug fixes, and stay tuned for more updates!

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New Features

44 favourites
3D camera plugin

New Additions

25 favourites
New examples 'First-person shooter', 'Run 'N Gun weapons'
18 favourites
Layer property 'Draw order' (useful with 3D camera)
19 favourites
3D shape: 'On collision' and 'Is overlapping' conditions
13 favourites
Car behavior: 'Turn while stopped' option


13 favourites
Insert object dialog: new 3D category for 3D Camera and 3D Shape objects

Bug Fixes

13 favourites
Android apps could crash on startup (regression r261)
6 favourites
Vanishing points not working correctly on 2D layers
6 favourites
Linux exports not working with NW.js 0.56+

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  • Amazing! Great work, thanks! please continue working with 3d feature.

  • Great work, thanks for this nice feature to play with!

  • That's impressive!

    I take my hat off to you!

    Construct 3 is more and more powerful and for me the best game editor, you have to see the possibilities it offers!

    This 3D module which is a 3D simulation makes Construct 3 even more attractive!

    I can, like others, only congratulate you for your hard work, you are a "golden" team!

    In your 3D module, it would be very nice to be able to change the orientation of the view, maybe it is already possible, for example to be able to look where I want, the sky for example, to move the camera to see where I want (Up, down, etc).

    In the future, to improve your example, to be able to jump too, jump on blocks, etc.....

    Soon we will be able to make a "quake", well it is already possible ^^


    There is still this problem that you can't solve, but really should: The Sprite with vertical&horizontal Blur will be pasted on the Drawing canvas with an offset #2624.

    Good luck team !

  • This is perfect. Great!!

  • Fantastic work, thanks! Great features.

    Would the engine support doing basic depth lighting/fog? Kind of like what the Rocket Barrel example attempts to achieve, or vlambeer's Gun Godz.

  • Love the 3D stuff, it's so cool! Thank you!

  • It's awesome, Good job!

  • I loving that you added 3D VISUALS to C3 but for a long time you guys were adamant about keeping Construct strictly 2D. What led to the change in direction? Just totally curious.

  • This is so awesome as this blend of 2d and 3d is my fav. I wonder if platformer could be tweaked for using z axis instead of y.

  • i didnt know it was cristmas!

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