Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r259

New examples and bug fixes

10 August, 2021 ()

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In this release we have some more new examples and another batch of bug fixes. Notably there have been several fixes for Drawing Canvas, and worker mode 'auto' now still keeps worker mode off in Android exports for the time being while some jank issues are investigated. The Hungarian translation also recently reached 100% so is now available by default, but remains under review, so will show a prompt before using it if your browser language defaults to it.

Please note: due to staff time off, there will not be a release next week (16-20th August). The next release will be the following week (23-27th August). Hopefully the next stable release will be out by the end of August.

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New Additions

9 favourites
New examples 'Dungeon crawler', 'Gun boots', 'Plumber puzzle'


7 favourites
Update on-screen instructions for '3D castle maze' and 'Galactic blocks' examples
6 favourites
Worker mode 'auto' now defaults to 'off' for Android exports while a performance issue is investigated

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
Incorrect handling of layer rotation with altered vanishing point
4 favourites
Event sheet view: possible crash changing breakpoint on script in action
4 favourites
Event sheet view: do not allow setting bookmarks on function parameters
5 favourites
Drawing Canvas: pasting object not working if immediately scrolling afterwards
5 favourites
Drawing Canvas: pasting sprite after pasting another Drawing Canvas not working correctly
7 favourites
Drawing Canvas: did not always render correctly with both effects and a blend mode
4 favourites
Tilemap: fix testing collisions with instances on different layers
5 favourites
Timeline bar: crash selecting or dragging nested timelines
4 favourites
Runtime: crash using 'Create object' for instance in a container with a non-visual object
5 favourites
Runtime: account for layer scrolling when checking collisions between instances in different layers
3 favourites
Animations editor: crash importing spritesheet (regression r257)

Language updates

2 favourites
Hungarian (hu-HU) language now available by default (under review)

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  • Your example of the Plumber puzzle game is terrible, I was defeated many times and it traumatized my psyche.

    My grandfather was a respected plumber, just like my father, and it's sad to see how you could create such a terrible illustration of the logic of plumbing.

    If you do not correct this example within 76 hours, I will complain to the National Union of Plumbers of Kazakhstan.

    I'm very upset right now....

  • Thank you very much for your keenness to develop this wonderful engine.

    I also ask you to add the Arabic language.

  • Wow! Those updates look great! Can't wait for them to come out! :)

  • Hi, I really like the new updates! When they are going to be put in production?

  • ajax and iframe not working on export android with android version 5.1

  • can you add Malaysia or Indonesia language?

  • Nice update!

  • Why can't I export to Android? I followed the entire process as described in the manual, as I always did and in the latest versions I can't do it. Is there any other way to export to Android? I don't have advanced programming knowledge, so I use Construct 3.

  • Example of a plumber puzzle has a bug. This puzzle cannot be assembled. Bad control, where is the touch?