Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r258

More new examples, Mobile Advert updates, and bug fixes

03 August, 2021 ()

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This release adds more new examples, and includes more updates for the Mobile Advert plugin as we continue to refine it after a major upgrade instigated by changes to the underlying SDK and publishing requirements. We've also continued to focus on stability, and so there's big batch of fixes in this release. Several fixes also correct some accidental regressions from prior beta releases.

We're still aiming to get to a stable release in the next few weeks, but things will be moving a little slower over the summer period, as we have various members of staff taking some well-earned time off around this time of year. Hopefully we will arrive at a stable release by late August or early September.

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New Additions

11 favourites
New examples '3D castle maze', 'Charge shot', 'Galactic blocks'
8 favourites
Mobile Advert: property to choose whether to show consent form on startup or not


7 favourites
Pathfinding: update conditions/actions to include behavior name & icon
6 favourites
Use a more appropriate size when docking panes
4 favourites
New projects now have a default timeline added

Bug Fixes

4 favourites
Layout view: live previewing fade behavior with effects could render incorrectly
4 favourites
Event sheet view: audio file preview button could disappear with very long filename
4 favourites
Event sheet view: could not undo changing function 'Asynchronous' option
4 favourites
Ensure 'Pick children' and 'Pick Nth child' conditions work for newly created instances
5 favourites
Drawing Canvas: did not paste Particles objects that were offscreen
3 favourites
Mobile Advert: consent form was always shown on startup regardless of previous choices
4 favourites
Mobile Advert: "Consent Status", "IDFA Status" and "Is in EEA or unknown" not always giving reliable results
3 favourites
Data editor: crash pressing TAB while no cell is selected
4 favourites
Data editor: swap customized column and row names when using the transpose tool
3 favourites
Timelines: crash previewing timelines in the editor
3 favourites
Timelines: editor preview of timelines modifying scale properties did not match the runtime results
3 favourites
Timelines: incorrect values saved after editing a timeline and deleting property tracks
3 favourites
Timelines: enable state not restored when loading a project
2 favourites
Scene graph: instances in a hierarchy not added to the specified layer when using the "Create Object" action (regression r256)
4 favourites
Unlimited framerate modes not working (regression r253)
3 favourites
AJAX failing to load project files in Android apps (regression r252)
2 favourites
Text: 'On typewriter finished' accidentally unmarked as trigger (regression r252)

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