Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r253

New examples, new expressions, bug fixes

22 June, 2021 ()

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In this release we've added some new expressions based on user requests. These include a new system expression to round a number to a certain number of decimal places (e.g. roundDToDp(1.555, 2) returns 1.56); the ObjectTypeName expression is now available on more objects including data objects like Array & Dictionary; and Tilemap expressions to get the tile size and map size in tiles.

There have been a few other changes to ensure everything keeps working smoothly, plus a batch of bug fixes, including a few fixes for regressions in r252, which isn't too surprising given we changed a lot of code in that release! Stay tuned for more updates.

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New Additions

18 favourites
New examples 'Bouncy ball', 'Graviational field', 'Rhythm game'
23 favourites
System expression roundToDp(number, digits)
19 favourites
Expression ObjectTypeName for more plugins including Array & Dictionary
18 favourites
Tilemap: TileWidth, TileHeight, MapDisplayWidth and MapDisplayHeight expressions
15 favourites
Tilemap: 'Set blend mode' action


8 favourites
Disable autocomplete on long text properties
9 favourites
Work around broken support for WebM Opus in Safari 15 beta

Bug Fixes

9 favourites
Vanishing point incorrectly applied to 2D layers
7 favourites
Tile movement: could move incorrectly after pausing
9 favourites
Audio: could return incorrect PlaybackTime when changing playback rate
9 favourites
Audio: possible incorrect PlaybackTime when framerate very low
8 favourites
Work around iOS bug causing possible wrong display size on Chrome/Firefox/Edge for iOS
9 favourites
Incorrect Mouse/Touch co-ordinates when not specifying a layer (regression 252)
12 favourites
Drawing Canvas: 'Paste object' working incorrectly (regression r252)

SDK updates

16 favourites
Add Quad3D() and Quad3D2() renderer methods

Scripting updates

7 favourites
ITilemapInstance properties mapDisplayWidth/Height

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  • Thanks for the new tilemap expressions!

  • Thanks, been wanting the "round to decimal place" expression for ages.

    • I've always just done something like round(# * 10) / 10 since in that case it would change the tenths place to the left of the decimal and it would then round it all getting rid of anything after the decimal and divide it back to return what part of the decimal value I wanted to be left.

      Though this is actually really nifty where we can just use an expression now that is less complicated.

  • I'm having trouble with a layer with forced texture not scaling correctly after resize to fullscreen. My export from before update does not have the issue but both a sprite and a tiled background are still original size even after the browser object has called fullscreen.

  • lo voy a probar

  • Thank you so much for the Auto enemy hit point update. Now i wish adding weapons was just as easy. I just need a weapon add in where its its own category with hit points and .....wait i think you did that.😑 im old so this ****s soaking in very slow . Sorry im working on a Castlmania but im not shire of 2 things. How to add a big health bar and how to add score. Im on a exisfing template called " Super platformer" i got from scierra and whats worse os i went to publish it in the arcade as a demo and it said it contained files they wont accept? Oh brother😐

  • suggestion: team feature similar to unity but instead of having to set up a whole organisation you can just put in their username to add them