Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r25

A number of smaller changes and a new testing mode for SDK developers.

09 May, 2017 ()

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This build has a number of minor additions and changes, as well as a batch of bug fixes as usual. One of the slightly more significant changes is a special dialog when importing Construct 2 projects with invalid expressions. Due to a loophole in C2's expression validator, it could allow invalid expressions in some circumstances. Previously importing such projects would crash Construct 3. Now it shows a special dialog listing all the invalid expressions. You still have to close the project, but it gives you a clear path on what to update in your C2 project before you can import it.

The main addition in this build is for SDK developers. There's a new addon testing mode that allows you to load an addon from a local webserver instead of having to keep re-packaging a .c3addon file to test every change. This helps speed up development a lot. For more information, see the Construct 3 SDK documentation.

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New Additions

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Prompt to enter a custom filename when saving a project with "Download a copy"
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Special handling of importing C2 projects with invalid expressions. Instead of crashing, C3 now reports a list of invalid expressions and closes the project.


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Preview: when fullscreen mode is off, the preview popup window no longer remembers its previous size
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Notifications no longer reset when showing/hiding a dialog. True for all dialogs except the Animations Editor.

Bug Fixes

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First notification not hiding with UI animations turned off
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Addon manager: cancelling an uninstall confirmation dialog still removed its row from the addon list (but the addon was not uninstalled)
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Better overflow handling of very long names in tabs and captions
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Exports from Construct 3 did not work on old browsers like Safari iOS 9
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Possible crash/error message double-clicking to open a recent project
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Possible crash pressing Escape twice quickly when closing a dialog

SDK updates

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New developer mode for easier development of addons. See the SDK docs for more information.

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