Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r246

3D mesh distortion and more new 3D shape features!

27 April, 2021 ()

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In this release we're adding mode new 3D features! First up the mesh editor, allowing setting up a mesh distortion in the Layout View, now supports Z elevation of mesh points. This means you can make 3D meshes with the mesh distortion feature! The mesh editor also has a variety of other improvements, such as now having selected mesh points show their properties in the Properties Bar, where you can access the new Z elevation property. The Z elevation of mesh points can also be changed at runtime with the Set mesh point action!

The 3D shape object now also supports assigning a Sprite, Tiled Background or 9-patch to each face of the shape. This lets you use animated or tiling face images. When using 3D features, layers can now also be set back to rendering as 2D. This is useful for making them act as backdrops or overlays without unwanted interaction with 3D content, such as having 3D boxes towering over your HUD.

As ever there's a batch of bug fixes, some new examples, and various other changes and improvements - see the full changes below.

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New Features

22 favourites
3D mesh distortion: use Z elevation for individual mesh points

New Additions

13 favourites
New examples 'Cannon launch', 'Gold mining', 'Snake shape'
14 favourites
3D shape: use Sprites, Tiled Backgrounds and 9-patches for face images
14 favourites
Layer property 'Rendering mode' (2D or 3D), allowing 2D backdrops/overlays with 3D content
11 favourites
Project property 'Rendering mode' (2D, Auto, 3D)
11 favourites
Mesh editor: display selected mesh point highlighted
9 favourites
Mesh editor: show selected mesh point properties in the Properties Bar
10 favourites
Z elevation parameter for 'Set mesh point' action
11 favourites
Start page: '3D' tag
9 favourites
'Clear selection' button when picking object property, to make it easier to unset object


9 favourites
Android: update Google Play Core library from version 1.8.0 to 1.10.0 (used for rating app)

Bug Fixes

7 favourites
Blank screen using 3D shapes with low quality fullscreen scaling
6 favourites
Mesh editor: update mesh point position more smoothly when first dragging
5 favourites
Mesh editor: in some cases could not undo moving a mesh point
6 favourites
Text & DrawingCanvas: may not have rendered correctly relative to 3D shapes
6 favourites
Timelines: crash trying to add a 3D Shape instance to a timeline
6 favourites
Possible crash after restarting editor if UI has been set up with bars not available in the free edition
5 favourites
Crash previewing after cloning a Tilemap object

Scripting updates

6 favourites
Add ITiledBackgroundInstance getters imageWidth and imageHeight
6 favourites
Add zElevation option for setMeshPoint()

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  • omg !! Thanks for this beta !!

    Now it only miss 3D collisions and a 3D camera to be ready-to-use 🚀

  • Is there no way to get meshpoint values? You can set values but not get?

    • Not from points you move by yourself in the editor, I think.

      If you setup meshpoint positions at the start of the level (with something like a function) you can store the values in an array as well though. It's a bit of a finicky workaround that requires some work to setup however. I did it like that when experimenting with a very simple "rolling hills" tiled background. Maybe there's a much easier way, I have no idea.

      If getting the values for meshpoints directly is something that's easy to implement it's a great suggestion.

  • Why can't a TileMap be added?

  • Oh, the 3D mesh distortion for backgrounds opens up a lot of cool possibilities, like rounded grassy hills or rocks. With a low z-elevation value and a smart use of texturing I'm pretty sure things will look smooth enough even with a small number of mesh points. Will definitely experiment with this.

    The only pseudo-3D function I miss now (from my point of view, for my project) is being able to change the "vanishing point"/shift the viewing "angle". (I currently do this manually, but if this were to be integrated into the entire z-elevation effect things would be 10x easier and probably 10x as efficient.)

    So, with the risk of repeating myself. If it would be easy to implement something like vanishing point x/y (from center of the screen) variables, I hope it can be looked at while doing all these great 3D additions.

  • Nice release looking forward to exploring it.

    A constrained camera would helpful (if full 3D free camera would be too much to do.)

  • Great features! but now only positive numbers works with Z elevation in 3D mesh distortion. I'm very excited about what the next beta will bring :D Best

  • It Needs 3D camera, and 3D Sprites 😂

  • Nice, keep going with more 3D features please.

    Finally I can start with my own GTA2 clone, THX.

  • With the addition of 3d I see that Construct will become or if not already the best game engine currently.

  • Wow more than I could have hoped for. This is amazing. Construct continues to open doors to more possibilities with the 3D feature

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