Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r245.2

Hotfix for r245

21 April, 2021 ()

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In the previous release we updated the experimental support for importing animated image formats, such as APNG, to support the latest revision to the feature (since experimental features can change frequently). This worked in Chrome Canary but accidentally broke support for the current stable version of Chrome, causing issues importing PNG images. This should now be fixed in this release.

In case you missed it, you can see the r245 release notes here.

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Error importing PNG images in Chrome 89-90 (regression r245)

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  • it would be awesome to have the option to rotate your images by any number of degrees you want in the sprite editor. Having to redraw your sprite or importing it to another program to do so is way too tedious

  • Sorry if this seems confusing, but is there a way for 3D objects to not overlap other sprites on a higher layer?

    For example, I have my UI/HUD layer on layer 11 and the 3D objects on layer 10 but the 3D objects still overlap the UI/HUD unless I set the Z Elevation to 0 on the 3D object.

  • I'm not quite sure where to suggest new features but it would be very handy if when we view the projects sprite sheets that construct automatically groups together can we have the option to easily rename the sprite sheet collections? this would be so helpful cause it would allow us creators to help more organize our games content so when people download our games and want to mod or just look at files they won’t have to look at 100 files with the same name like "shared sheet, tile background sheet, etc" also while I'm at it, a way to customize what goes in a certain sprite sheet collection would also be nice as well (like drag and dropping what objects you want to be in a certain sprite sheet collection)

    • If you have suggestions for new features or improvements in Construct 3, we have a feature suggestion platform here which lets everyone vote on their favourite ideas:

      Please look for existing ideas before submitting a new one. It's better to get all votes on the same idea than spreading it around.

  • terrible update i can't add behavior

    since there is no such section in the line

    eh it was better before

  • The Beginner example: user media it doesn't work well, a few moments after shooting the game crashes. This problem with user media also existed in the stable version