Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

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Construct 3 r244

New 3D shape plugin!

13 April, 2021 ()

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New this release: we've added an exciting new 3D shape plugin! This allows using basic 3D in your projects, such as a cube, wedge or pyramid shape, with an image for each face. We previously posted a teaser video of this feature on April 1st - and it's not a joke, it's a real feature you can now try in this release! The video will give you a brief overview of how it works and what you can do with it. In short, you can choose between a few pre-defined shapes, adjust the height of the shape, and move it up and down on the Z axis using the Z elevation feature (much like you can already with sprites). Gameplay, such as collisions, continues to work in 2D - the 3D part is purely cosmetic, but still a great new way to add impressive visual effects to your game. We can't wait to see what you can make with this!

Other updates in this release includes more new examples, a few bug fixes and other adjustments, and a few scripting improvements including adding script interfaces for the Sine and Pahtfinding behaviors. As ever these will be fully documented at the next stable release, but you can explore the APIs before then by inspecting them in browser dev tools. Stay tuned for more updates!

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New Features

49 favourites
New 3D Shape plugin: add simple 3D to your projects!

New Additions

15 favourites
New examples 'Jigsaw puzzle', 'Wall walking', 'Code panel'
16 favourites
Advanced project property 'Anisotropic filtering'


13 favourites
Adjust text vertical alignment calculation (again)
12 favourites
Animations editor: give the color palette a minimum height so it can not be completely hidden

Bug Fixes

8 favourites
Animations editor: possible crash using backspace to delete all content on spinner elements
10 favourites
Tweens and Timelines: crash using scale properties at runtime (regression r243.2)
9 favourites
Timelines: incorrect editor scene graph preview when modifying the real angle/scale of an instance
8 favourites
'View used addons' dialog could list incorrect layer references

Scripting updates

9 favourites
Add Sine behavior script interface
12 favourites
Add Pathfinding behavior script interface
10 favourites
Autocomplete possible behavior names after typing 'behaviors.'
10 favourites
Impose type checks on all scripting APIs to ensure correct usage
8 favourites
IBehavior runtime property was incorrectly null

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  • Im trying to do an animation for a sprite but i cant add frames to it.

  • Holy pseudo-3D features, Batman!!

    This could single-handedly solve a visual issue I was facing for several of my projects!

  • Is there any possibility to make it possible to alter the origin point for the 3D object? (Enabling you to get a pseudo-"basic angle" on the pseudo 3D objects; it works as a workaround with the regular z-height function). It seemed like it was locked to the center of the object no matter what I did to the origin point in the images.

    Or even better to add a value that automatically adds/subtracts y position based on the Z-height value. Making an effect where the "zenith" of 3D objects aren't necessarily in the middle of the screen.

    Mayby there's a simple workaround for 3D objects too, but my old trick for offsetting z-height center didn't work.

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      Changing the origin of the back face should change the object origin. If it doesn't work please file an issue!

      • Changing the origin did indeed work, I was just thinking about it backwards because of getting too excited.

        I looked around a bit and saw that there are already several suggestions submitted for for being able to change the x/y focal point of z-elevation and whatnot. But if it would be a relatively easy thing to implement, adding it now together with simple 3D would be absolutely incredible!

  • woah :O ! 3d

  • How can I do that every time the face of the cube will be randomly different? I do not find such an option.

  • Okay, Let's Try it Out!!!

  • OMG 3D feature on C3....

    no words....

  • This is so freaking cool! Would you guys be able to make it where you stretch the 3D image it becomes tiled? Also, a 3D 9 patch sprite would be very cool!

    • Yeah, keeping my fingers crossed that they add, at the very least, tile options in the future. More shape options would be cool too. :)

  • Very nice! Do you plan on expanding the 3d features over the next releases? Can we expect the ability to import animated 3d models?

  • Fyi, just found out animation editor for sprites is broken (replaced by 3dshape editor i assume)

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