Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r242

New macOS export option; other desktop export improvements & more

30 March, 2021 ()

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It's the start of a new release cycle, and we have more great new features for you! This release adds a new macOS export option, which is a lightweight app that bundles your project and runs it using WKWebView, which is basically a copy of the Safari browser engine built-in to macOS. It's more-or-less the macOS equivalent of the Windows wrapper export option we introduced recently. As with the Windows wrapper we're keen to hear your feedback, so let us know how it works for you! You can learn more about this new export option in the new tutorial Exporting to macOS with the WKWebView wrapper.

We have some further desktop export improvements in this release too. The new macOS wrapper app is able to generate a macOS icon from your project icons, and we've also implemented this for the NW.js exporter, so macOS NW.js exports also use your project's icon instead of a stock icon. We now also provide a new way to update the icon for Windows exports too, for both the new Windows wrapper and Windows NW.js exports. For technical reasons it's difficult for Construct to update Windows icons in the browser, so these exports bundle a new tool named WindowsIconUpdater.exe. After exporting and extracting all the files, just run that tool and your executable icons will be updated! Finally, both the macOS wrapper and Windows wrapper can now enter fullscreen at any time, such as in 'On start of layout'. (Previously the Windows wrapper was limited to user input events like in browsers.)

Finally we've added a new capability when importing audio to Construct: now AAC (.m4a) and MP3 files can be automatically transcoded to WebM Opus, providing the browser you are using can decode them. These formats are trickier to support for transcoding since they rely on proprietary codecs, but now we can take advantage of the browser's own decoder to transcode them to WebM Opus and ensure they can play on all platforms, helping reduce audio compatibility headaches. Note this conversion is lossy, so as ever for best audio quality, import lossless audio files like WAV or FLAC.

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New Features

10 favourites
New 'macOS wrapper' export option, based on WKWebView

New Additions

17 favourites
NW.js / Windows wrapper exports: now includes WindowsIconUpdater.exe in zip to conveniently update Windows executable icons
9 favourites
NW.js export: now sets macOS export icon according to project app icons
19 favourites
Import Audio dialog: can now transcode M4A and MP3 files to WebM Opus if browser supports decoding them
7 favourites
Platform Info: 'Is macOS wrapper export' condition
13 favourites
New examples 'Car selection screen', 'Gravityless labyrinth' and 'Tilemap destruction'


13 favourites
Windows wrapper: can now enter fullscreen at any time (including 'On start of layout')
7 favourites
Reorganise export platform selection dialog
7 favourites
Removed support for classic mode scripts (having been deprecated since November)

SDK updates

7 favourites
Fix CreateDynamicTexture options not being used correctly in editor
6 favourites
Support newer wrapX and wrapY options in CreateDynamicTexture in editor

Scripting updates

7 favourites
Add IPlatformBehaviorInstance isMoving property

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  • More export options are great.

    Monetization options would also be great.

  • Nice.

    Also, I would like to see Slider_Bar options added.

    Especially it would be nice to adjust the 'thumb' size.

    The current size is sooooo tiny.

  • "Removed support for classic mode scripts" - how to use other script mods?

    • Ashley, I have the same problem. My project launch only in classic mode. In new update I have black screen (Because I was able to change the mode on classic before) and now I can't do anything. Do you have any solution for this type of project?

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        • Ashley's avatar
        • Ashley
        • Construct Team Founder
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        • (0 children)

        As we've regularly noted since November, you'll need to contact addon developers for an update if a third-party addon does not work in classic mode. It should only take them 5-10 minutes - it's a really simple change.

  • NW.js / Windows wrapper exports: now includes WindowsIconUpdater.exe in zip to conveniently update Windows executable icons

    Really appreciate Scirra making this process more convenient!

    I know this might be a lot to ask for but would it be possible to open source this app specifically? I always wanted to write a small app like this myself but didn't want to deal with the whole Windows icon system.

  • Now, everything I export to Android does not work, the installed application does not open. The message "the app has an error continuously" appears

  • The window wrapper detail is EXCITING! Considering that I'm working on a mobile game and testing gets annoying to have to tap a button just to see that it works in full-screen.

  • IconUpdater?? very nice! good job guys!

  • You guys working on something else too, past C3? And is Ian Shorter still with C3 or Cov crisis have affected scirra company too ?

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      • Tom's avatar
      • Tom
      • Construct Team Founder
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      • (1 child)

      Iain left us last year to pursue other life goals - we wish him the best!

      • I hope it won't put more pressure on others. As user, it's sad if team gets smaller. I hope the spirit to develop and expand C3 is strong.