Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r23

Animations editor mobile update, more UI updates + bug fixes.

28 April, 2017 ()

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The main change in this build is the Animations Editor has a new layout on mobile: the toolbars now scroll instead of wrapping, so they take up less space while still letting you access every option. There's a few more UI tweaks and fixes in this build as well.

As usual there's a batch of bug fixes. We're also continuing to work behind-the-scenes on some subscription-only features, but we're not including them in the changelogs yet since they're not publicly available. When the Newgrounds gamejam starts we'll enable all the subscription features and we'll probably do a couple of blogs covering all the changes in one go. It's only a couple of weeks away now!

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New Additions

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Keyboard shortcut to exit tilemap editing using ESCAPE
2 favourites
Add the corresponding Keyboard shortcut label to the tooltips of the buttons in the Tilemap Bar toolbar


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Improve the layout of the Animations Editor on smaller screens, using scrolling toolbars.
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Simplified the export platforms dialog

Bug Fixes

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Renaming items in the Project Bar could accidentally trigger some keyboard shortcuts
1 favourites
Possible crash instead of error message copy-pasting events using local variables outside of their scope
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Web fonts with certain characters in their name may not have displayed in preview mode
1 favourites
Ensured addon install confirmation dialog displays correctly on mobile
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Layout effects no longer apply to the layout border or viewport area dashes
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Debugger now initially focuses the game so keyboard input works immediately
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Crash when pinching to zoom in mobile devices

Performance Improvements

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Improved zip writing performance

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