Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r223

Bug fixes

04 November, 2020 ()

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Due to some staff time off this week's release is a day later than our usual Tuesday release, but we'll be back to our usual schedule next week. We're aiming to fix the last remaining issues as we aim for a stable release in the next couple of weeks. So this release has some further bug fixes, including fixes for a couple of crashes, a fix for pasting objects across layers with Drawing Canvas, one more issue saving project folders, and some others. Stay tuned for further updates and hopefully we'll have a stable release out soon!

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11 favourites
Video: ensure 'Play' action happens in user gesture in case browser limits playback

Bug Fixes

12 favourites
Folder project could be corrupted after cloning object type
7 favourites
Project Bar: possible crash cloning data storage object types
10 favourites
Project Bar: creating instances from cloned object types did not always preserve all instance properties
8 favourites
Drawing Canvas: did not handle pasting instances from other layers correctly
8 favourites
Physics: runtime error using 'Apply torque towards position'
13 favourites
Animations editor: incorrect initial frame shown in the layout view after deleting frames in the animations editor

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