Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r221

Scene graph and timeline updates; SDK updates; bug fixes

20 October, 2020 ()

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This release brings some updates to using the scene graph feature in the editor, and some updates to the timeline bar as well. We have more work planned to keep improving the scene graph feature, so stay tuned for more usability improvements on that.

We've also further enhanced the SDK with the aim of making sure third-party tools can seamlessly import - and reimport - content like bone animations. This will require further work by third parties to support, but we're doing the work to make it possible for others to work with it.

Other than that there are some bug fixes and other minor improvements. We'll have another update for you soon!

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New Additions

21 favourites
Loading message in preview in case it takes a long time to start up


6 favourites
Timeline bar: hold Ctrl/Cmd while moving playhead to preview the timeline at that position
6 favourites
Timeline bar: selecting a keyframe now moves the playhead time to it and previews the timeline
6 favourites
'Set mesh point' action now allows -1 for texture position in relative mode

Bug Fixes

8 favourites
Possible corruption of folder project after making changes in the Animations Editor (regression in r220)
8 favourites
Scene Graph: layout view UI now is shown at a constant size regardless of zoom level
8 favourites
Scene Graph: clone hierarchy information when cloning using Ctrl/Cmd + dragging
6 favourites
Scene Graph: crash copying and pasting instances with scene graph information
4 favourites
workermain.js accidentally exported in two places

SDK updates

4 favourites
Add IProject.GetProjectFileByName() and IProjectFile interface
4 favourites
Add IFamily.SetMembers()
4 favourites
Add IContainer.RemoveObjectType(), IContainer.IsActive()

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  • Was waiting for this thank you. Any ETA for the patch for Local File Folder on the stable channel.

  • They could make a desktop application because sometimes I run out of internet and I would like to continue making a game. Thank you

    • jav13r it should work offline for at least one week without internet, if you have problems you should report it on the forum

  • could you make construct 2 be in spanish thanks

  • The "Back" button does not work in the Browser plugin.

    Closes the game on click instead of executing the event

  • One idea for usability improvements would be to show the small icon (parent / child icon) on the right side in the event sheet (I think these are the actions) for better code readability. Like the Pin-Behavior have the Pin Icon ...

  • Will there be an update where we can post our created games on this certain website here for other people to view and like/dislike and comment on it; and to play together?

  • Awesome!

  • I guess that's a no on the mesh color filters.

  • hi Ashley, it's very encouraging that new features are coming to construct 3. But what about fixing bugs in existing features? I've been waiting for 28 days to fix a bug with layer rotation and Drawingcanvas, which really slows down my development plans.

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      • Ashley
      • Construct Team Founder
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      We're a small team with limited resources, and we deal with thousands of bug reports. Please be patient. 28 days is still not that long in terms of software development cycles.

  • "takes a long time to start up" <- mean the old worker mode bug? There seems no chrome setting/way to analyze worker loading.

    While developing new plugins, scirra keeps own internal idea list, is it bigger then one? While developing new features, there must a lot of possiblities which can be added. Or the barebone plugin is kept still there is enough public need for new features?