Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r217

Two new templates; bug fixes

22 September, 2020 ()

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This release adds two new templates: one showing a simple "Spot the difference" type game, and another with a slightly more advanced demonstration of the scene graph feature using a skeleton sprite made out of several objects. It also shows how you can pick across the hierarchy with the new conditions.

Finally as ever there's a batch of further bug fixes, which hopefully are the last of this release cycle. We're aiming for a stable release soon, and all being well it can come out next week, but as usual it may be delayed if any serious issues are discovered. So please test carefully and let us know if you run in to any problems! As usual please note problems only mentioned in comments or on the forum won't be investigated - please report them to the issue tracker following all the guidelines.

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New Additions

14 favourites
'Spot the difference' template
18 favourites
'Skeleton hierarchy' intermediate example (demonstrating scene graph)

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Animations editor: prevent focusing elements outside the editor when pressing tab (Safari & Firefox)
5 favourites
Animations editor: ellipse tool only drew ellipses with even radii
5 favourites
Animations editor: incorrect sizing of instances in the layout after deleting frames in the Animations editor
6 favourites
Animations editor: incorrect icons generated after deleting frames in the Animations editor
6 favourites
Sprite plugin: showing incorrect initial frame after making and undoing changes in the Animations editor
5 favourites
Scene graph: possible crash destroying parent with nested children
5 favourites
Text: could display at wrong size for one frame (regression r214)
4 favourites
Possible crash attempting to paste an event sheet that cannot be pasted
4 favourites
Tilemap: allowed setting invalid tile IDs via actions
5 favourites
Project bar: possible crash attempting copy with nothing selected

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  • Just got to say thx for the update I need this update

  • Better Sprite Editor and a 3D Obj import feature so we can easily make isometric sprites !!

  • Preliminary results suggest that tile maps are "mis-tiling", tested a few related projects, main one that has issues stores tile ID's in arrays, considering the change here with tile IDs that might be the culprit. (The project works fine in r216)

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      • Ashley
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      Please file an issue following all the guidelines if you have trouble - in general it's impossible to fix problems just from comments like this.

  • give us 3d

    • Scirra said they will not provides 3D because they want to focus on 2D and give us the best possible 2D experience. If you want 3D, there is many other engines for this :)

  • Do not be afraid of 3D Scirra!, *.obj is a must to be free and creative, even without shaders.

  • Thanks for the update! Those scene graph crash fixes saved my life haha

    On this subject, are there plans to add scene graph to 9-patch objects? It'd really help me with a project

  • is there anyway to get that ellipse tool to draw from the top left opposed to the middle? its easier to grab the corner than finding the absolute middle.