Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r216

New template; bug fixes

15 September, 2020 ()

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We're now aiming to stabilise this release cycle and move to a stable release in the next few weeks, depending on whether any serious new issues are uncovered. Therefore this release focuses on bug fixes. There is however a new template for a simple slide puzzle type game that you can check out.

Please test carefully and as ever if you run in to any problems please file an issue following all the guidelines! As always, remember any issues only mentioned in comments, forum posts or anywhere else won't be investigated - we need all the information requested in the bug tracker to be able to help.

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New Additions

18 favourites
Template 'Slide puzzle'

Bug Fixes

7 favourites
Scene graph: did not save state correctly in savegames
7 favourites
Scene graph: possible crash destroying parent with multiple children
9 favourites
Drawing Canvas: did not handle layer rotation correctly
6 favourites
Crash creating Drawing Canvas when tween finished
5 favourites
Possible crash attempting to paste a layout that cannot be pasted
14 favourites
Sprite: 'Is overlapping' not always working correctly in OR block
12 favourites
Line of sight: 'Has LOS to object' not always working correctly in OR block
5 favourites
Animations editor: possible crash resizing to very large sizes
4 favourites
Animations editor: did not work correctly after using keyboard shortcuts to activate tools (regression r215)

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