Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r214

Rotatable Drawing Canvas, further scene graph improvements & more

01 September, 2020 ()

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This release adds support for rotating the Drawing Canvas object, which was a popular request. Now you can display the Drawing Canvas at any angle, and the Paste object action will also take in to account the canvas angle when pasting the object. Remember the drawing action's co-ordinates are still relative to the drawing surface itself, so those aren't affected by rotation.

We've also continued to refine the runtime implementation of the new scene graph feature. It's now supported for more objects including Text, Particles, Tiled Background and others. Note that the Text and SpriteFont font sizes, and the Particles initial particle size, adjusts according to the parent scale, since this makes sure everything naturally scales together. There's also new options in the picking conditions to cover all parents/children, or just the top/bottom parent/children (the Own option works as it did before, only picking the direct parent/children). There's also a batch of bug fixes, and there are new scripting APIs to control the scene graph too (which as usual will be documented at the next stable release).

As ever there's a batch of other bug fixes, and some usability adjustments along the way too. Happy testing!

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New Additions

29 favourites
Drawing Canvas is now rotatable
23 favourites
Scene graph support for 9-patch, particles, shadow light, spritefont, SVG picture, text, tiled background and drawing canvas
21 favourites
New 'Own', 'All' and 'Top'/'Bottom' options for 'Pick parent'/'Pick children' conditions
17 favourites
Import Audio dialog: warning if importing formats other than WebM Opus, since they may not play on all platforms


11 favourites
Layout View: make touch input on desktop work the same as on mobile
10 favourites
Transfer focus to Event Sheet View when navigating to find results

Bug Fixes

11 favourites
Scene graph: incorrect handling of altering child position with rotated parent
10 favourites
Scene graph: 'Remove child' could cause parent to disappear
10 favourites
Scene graph: picking conditions did not pick with containers correctly
11 favourites
Drawing Canvas: incorrect handling of 'Paste object' when using scene-graph heirarchy
8 favourites
Z Order Bar: incorrect insertion position when dragging a selection downwards
7 favourites
Z Order Bar: avoid reseting the selection if the pointer is held down on an already selected item
8 favourites
Project Bar: did not correctly paste Array/Dictionary objects
10 favourites
Tile movement: move back to previous tile if movement blocked by outside factors (e.g. Bound to Layout)
8 favourites
Audio files not converted if imported by drag-and-drop to main editor window
8 favourites
Global layers: inherit the 'Parallax in editor' toggle state from the corresponding global layer
7 favourites
Could incorrectly shift+select mixed plugin types when creating a family (regression in r209)

Scripting updates

12 favourites
Scene graph APIs on IWorldInstance, e.g. addChild(), getParent()

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