Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r213

More scene graph features; 'Find all references' on delete; bug fixes

25 August, 2020 ()

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This release continues adding more scene graph features, notably new conditions to pick parents and children of attached objects. This is a great new advantage over the old Pin behavior: since the engine knows about the relationship between objects, we can provide conditions that pick based on the heirarchy, such as Pick parent, Pick children and Pick nth child. Also destroying children with their parents is now optional, specified when using Add child.

You might have found it tricky to manage the heirarchy of instances in the same object type - for now we recommend using a family to handle independent picking (this is an existing technique that has other applications in Construct). We expect to implement editor features for the scene graph in future, such as connecting instances together in the Layout View, which should make this easier when it comes.

One other useful usability improvement is now when deleting various items in the editor, a new option to Find all references is displayed in the delete confirmation prompt. This makes it easier to check where something is used before deleting it, such as object types, behaviors, variables and more. And as ever there's a batch of bug fixes too!

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New Additions

21 favourites
Scene graph conditions e.g. 'Pick parent', 'Pick nth child' & others
21 favourites
Scene graph: option to destroy with parent in 'Add child' action
23 favourites
Scene graph expression 'ChildCount'
20 favourites
'Find all references' option when prompted to confirm deleting an object, family, instance variable, behavior, effect or event variable


16 favourites
Make sure scene graph 'Add child'/'Remove child' actions only list supported objects

Bug Fixes

12 favourites
Some rotated objects not rendering on startup (regression r212)
12 favourites
Runtime crash destroying some objects (regression r212)
9 favourites
Project Bar: could not paste after cut with object types
8 favourites
Platform Info: 'Release wake lock' action had wrong display text
8 favourites
Text/SpriteFont: ensure 'Typewriter text' adheres to the object time scale
9 favourites
Editor keyboard shortcuts could activate unwanted browser shortcuts in popup windows
7 favourites
Facebook plugin: login popup could be blocked in Safari
8 favourites
Firefox: work around issue causing unintentional line breaks to be added in data editors

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