Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r211

Timeline improvements, copy/paste event sheets & more

11 August, 2020 ()

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This release adds a number of improvements to timelines, including controlling the sprite animation frame, new options to control how rotations work in timelines, and other user interface improvements like toolbar buttons and keyboard shortcuts.

There's also a new option to cut, copy and paste event sheets in the Project Bar. This should be a useful tool when trying to transfer things between projects, or merge multiple projects in to one. Previously you could only do this by opening an event sheet, selecting all, and copying and pasting the contents of the event sheet that way. Copying and pasting entire event sheets works similarly (including requiring all the relevant objects, variables etc. to be present in the project), but is more convenient, and makes it easy to select multiple event sheets or even entire folders of event sheets to copy at once. We also plan to add copy and paste options for other items in the Project Bar, such as layouts, for the same reasons - these should be coming over the next couple of releases.

Finally we've added a few more options to make Recreate initial objects more powerful, and added a scripting interface for the Move To behavior. As ever, there's more on the way!

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New Additions

25 favourites
Project bar: cut/copy/paste for event sheets
16 favourites
System: 'Recreate initial objects' action now has extra parameters for specifying a different layout, a specific layer, and position offset
11 favourites
Timelines: improved control over angle interpolation with new "direction" and "revolutions" keyframe properties
12 favourites
Timelines: support timeline animation of the frame of a sprite plugin instance through the "initial frame" property
10 favourites
Timeline bar: keyboard shortcuts and context menu options to cut, copy and paste keyframes between similar tracks
9 favourites
Timeline bar: keyboard shortcut to clear all highlighting (ESC)
10 favourites
Timeline bar: toolbar buttons for setting keyframes, the keyframe selection tool and cut, copy and paste commands
9 favourites
Timeline bar: display the keyboard shortcut in the tooltip of each toolbar button if one is available

Bug Fixes

9 favourites
Possible crash going back to Start Page after closing project

Scripting updates

8 favourites
Add Move To behavior script interface

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  • Just want to give my support to Ashley and Scirra, you're all doing God's work right now. This is lit!

    Keep it up, love Construct 3!

  • Thank you I'm waiting for new features :)

    Keep it up, love Construct 3!

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    • Fib
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    Thank you for the ability to change the sprite frame in a timeline! I've been waiting for that for a while.

  • How does copying and pasting an Event Sheet works? I thought I could make a template sheet and then just CTRL+V into its folder to make new ones, but I can't?

  • Yay hotkeys! Can we get some keyboard support for the Export wizard? Just being able to pick an export type with Tab (after hitting F6) would help. Thanks!

  • Omg, "the project bar cut copy paste" feature let me make my game with my phone. It's awesome!

  • For me Works Fine using Edge