Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r208

New template; form control improvements; bug fixes

21 July, 2020 ()

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In this release we've revised all the form controls to use a consistent set of common features. This fills in some gaps such as actions missing in one form control that all the others had, as well as adding some useful new options.

There's also a new template of a snake game you can check out. We've also added a new Touch expression to return the true compass heading (where supported), since the existing 'Alpha' value may have been relative to the device's initial direction. Advanced users may also be interested in the new 'Evaluate expression' condition, which is useful with boolean expressions like Mouse.X < 100 | Mouse.Y < 100, also providing the option to mix AND and OR with parenthesis for ordering, which is otherwise difficult to achieve with separate conditions.

Finally as ever there are more bug fixes, including fixing some more problems that came up in past releases. In particular our work to switch the minifier used by Construct has been long and very complex and has resulted in several problems along the way - but hopefully we're near the end of that now. We're aiming for a stable release soon so please test carefully and as ever let us know about any problems on the issue tracker following all the guidelines. Don't forget, as ever, we cannot investigate issues only mentioned on the forum or in a comment here - we need all the information requested on the issue tracker to be able to help you!

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New Additions

10 favourites
New 'Snake' template project on Start Page
10 favourites
Touch: 'CompassHeading' expression
18 favourites
System: 'Evaluate expression' condition
11 favourites
Form controls: 'Is visible' condition; 'Set visible' action toggle option
8 favourites
Form controls: 'Is focused' condition; set focused/unfocused actions where relevant
10 favourites
Form controls: 'Is enabled' condition
9 favourites
Form controls: 'Set attribute' and 'Remove attribute' actions
15 favourites
Text Input: 'Set max length' action, 'MaxLength' expression
12 favourites
Text Input: 'Append text' action

Bug Fixes

10 favourites
Minified exports not working (regression in r207)
9 favourites
Android builds with Google Play plugin not working (regression in r206)
7 favourites
Animations editor: selected colors not being restored properly after closing and re opening the editor (regression r198)
8 favourites
Timelines & tweens: possible runtime crash when loading state from JSON
6 favourites
Some editor dialog buttons not working on some touchscreen devices
8 favourites
Layout view: 'Parallax in editor' not working correctly with Text objects

SDK updates

9 favourites
Add IPluginInfo methods SetAndroidXEnabled(), SetGooglePlayServicesEnabled() to configure Cordova Android exports

Scripting updates

9 favourites
Text Input maxLength setter/getter

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  • "all the form controls to use a consistent set of common features" - this is awesome, thank you!

  • Nice to see the form unification, in particular 'Text Input: 'Append text' action' is handy (since I use Text Input a lot for a scrolling text window for debug logging.) Thanks also for the compassHeading, I will be trying that out this week on various devices and will report back how it's working.

  • The new condition of evaluating expression is perfect! and adding and or together was great, beautiful work.

  • This is deeply appreciated! Thanks!

  • Thanks for fixing the "Timelines & tweens: possible runtime crash when loading state from JSON", it was really affecting one of my bigger projects! The new "Evaluate expression" condition is definitely a great plus here. ✨

  • unfortunately it is no longer possible to export with the minifier, both simpels and advanced ones causes "project export failed"

  • Ashley, why Canvas plugin still doesn't support rotations, paste layers and other features that have already been written about many times on the forum? Are you planning to update it? Since now there are many projects that can't be transferred to C3 due to the limitations of the Canvas plugin

  • After using this newest beta update for like 6 days, suddenly today "Open local project folder" option is disappeared and changed to "Open from local browser" instead. Is this a bug or what ? I can't open c3proj. from my local computer.

  • Thanks for the hard work! Quick question, when will the target api level for android builds will move up to 29? It is required by google for new apps since next week. Cheers!

  • And nice though there are too few events for free users put at least 50

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