Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r207

Lots more bug fixes

14 July, 2020 ()

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After a week off, we're back to our normal release schedule now. This release includes a big batch of bug fixes, including a couple of regressions in past beta releases.

There's a couple of other minor adjustments too such as the new GamepadIndex expression, allowing you to identify which gamepad was connected or disconnected in the corresponding trigger, and a performance improvement for the startup time of large projects.

We'd like to take all the technology upgrades and bug fixes we've done to the stable channel soon if possible, but we expect there will be a couple more weeks to catch any remaining issues and ensure everything's working smoothly.

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Launch r207

New Additions

18 favourites
Gamepad: new 'GamepadIndex' expression


7 favourites
Removed Kongregate export option since Kongregate is no longer accepting new games
9 favourites
Updated 'Quiz' template to use built-in functions

Bug Fixes

10 favourites
Browser: on mobile, opening URL could navigate in app instead of opening system browser
10 favourites
Setting layer Z elevation did not always update immediately
8 favourites
Editor tab tooltips did not update after renaming items
8 favourites
Debugger CPU/GPU profilers not working (regression r205)
12 favourites
Project did not run after export with advanced minification (regression r206)
10 favourites
Android App Bundle builds not working (regression r206)
7 favourites
Multiplayer: could briefly show wrong objects after leaving room and joining different one
10 favourites
Sprite 'Spawn' action could work incorrectly after loading a savegame
9 favourites
List: did not save items correctly when using Persist behavior
6 favourites
Prevent importing files with names reserved by Construct
9 favourites
Animations editor: pressing delete or backspace when editing image point coordinates removed the image point itself
7 favourites
Animations editor: possible crash panning and zooming in devices supporting touch input
7 favourites
Animations editor: crash undoing changes after closing the editor if the changes included the tile collision polygon state
6 favourites
Animations editor: crash opening the editor if the last time it was used was to edit the collision polygon "enabled" flag of a tile
6 favourites
Timeline bar: ease name not changed in the timeline bar after renaming it, leading to possible crash when previewing the timeline
8 favourites
Timeline bar: crash undoing timeline changes if the timeline bar is closed
5 favourites
Tilemap bar: event sheet copy & paste shortcuts blocked when the tilemap bar active and in editing mode
6 favourites
Transitions editor: crash right clicking on a context menu option
10 favourites
Tween behaviour: crash when changing layout while a tween is playing

Performance Improvements

27 favourites
Improve runtime startup performance for projects using thousands of events

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