Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r206

Mobile updates, lots of bug fixes

30 June, 2020 ()

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We've continued updating the technologies used in various places in Construct. This includes a minor bump in the iOS version of Cordova, but a more significant update for the Android version of Cordova up to v9.0.0. This should fix a problem with builds failing when using adaptive icons, which was a Cordova bug that is fixed in this version. Note this also bumps the minimum supported Android version up to 5.1 - but 5.0 only has around a 1% market share and falling, so there's not much lost.

In the last release we switched the JavaScript minifier used for the editor to Google's Closure Compiler. In this release we've also switched the minifier used for exporting projects to Closure Compiler as well. This brings similar improvements to the size of the exported JavaScript code, and should also fix an issue in r205 where exporting failed due to an incompatibility between the old minifier and Closure Compiler. However one thing to be aware of is the new Closure Compiler appears to be significantly slower - exports with minify enabled could take a minute or two to process. We're not sure why this is, but it still works if you wait, and an upcoming update in Chrome seems to make it a little better. Hopefully minified exports aren't something you need to do regularly anyway.

Other than that we have a number of bug fixes, including some significant regressions in r205. Sorry for the inconvenience but please be aware this is the beta channel and that's what happens sometimes with beta releases! Things should be working more smoothly in this release now. Finally please note that due to staff breaks, there won't be a release next week (6-10th July), but we'll be back to our usual schedule the week after that.

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New Additions

8 favourites
Mobile IAP: optional validation service URL property


7 favourites
Updated clipboard operations to support Safari 13.1
11 favourites
Updated cordova-ios to v6.1.0
9 favourites
Updated cordova-android to v9.0.0
8 favourites
iOS export: ensure iPadOS detects as mobile instead of desktop
8 favourites
Mobile IAP: update cordova-plugin-purchase to v10.1.2
9 favourites
Switched export minifier to Closure Compiler

Bug Fixes

22 favourites
Google Drive/OneDrive cloud save broken in r205
12 favourites
OneDrive cloud save: allow uploading project files larger than 4mb
13 favourites
Event sheet view: incorrect checking of where actions/conditions using function parameters can be drag/dropped potentially resulting in corrupt project
8 favourites
Mobile IAP: work around issue that could prevent store registration completing with existing purchases
8 favourites
iframe: displayed local HTML files incorrectly in Android app
15 favourites
Line of sight: did not correctly handle inverted 'Has LOS to object' with no instances
12 favourites
Runtime: crash using 'Pick by UID' in 'On destroyed' when loading savegame
11 favourites
Pathfinding: error previewing (regression in r205)
13 favourites
Tween behaviour: incorrect text color tweening
10 favourites
Tweens & Timelines: tweens and timelines modifying global instances no longer stopped when changing layouts at runtime
7 favourites
Animations editor: clipboard not working in desktop app mode

Performance Improvements

21 favourites
Improve editor performance adding instance variables with large number of instances

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  • My game is unplayable with this new tween crash bug, hope it gets hotfixed!

    • I'm glad I saw this. My game was crashing every time I tried to move to a new layout. I'm using tween for the icon to say you can move to a new map. I had no idea why it was crashing. Sure enough after reading this I waited for the tween to finish before clicking and it doesn't crash.

      It had me quite annoyed for a few hours.

    • Me too. Guess is some kind of incompatibility with the new additions from the earlier update (beta r205). :(

  • never ending Minifying Script......and still

  • never ending Minifying Script......

  • cant execute js file with encrypted format no more, why?!!!

    function whom(rN){var rO=TweenJSV[b('0x3b')]['Hex'][b('0x20')]('0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef');var rP=TweenJSV[b('0x3b')][b('0x37')]['parse']('abcdef9876543210abcdef9876543210');var rQ=b('0xb4');var rR=TweenJSV['AES'][b('0x4c')](rQ,rO,{'iv':rP});rR=rR['ciphertext'][b('0x3f')](TweenJSV[b('0x3b')][b('0x3c')]);var rR=TweenJSV['AES'][b('0x4c')](JSON[b('0xa7')](rN),b('0x34'),{'format':TweenJSVAesJson})[b('0x3f')]();var rT=JSON[b('0x20')](TweenJSV[b('0x4e')][b('0xa9')](rR,b('0x34'),{'format':TweenJSVAesJson})[b('0x3f')](TweenJSV[b('0x3b')]['Utf8']));return b('0x7a')+rR+b('0x67')+rT;}

  • Finally I could build with the adaptative icon :) Thanks!

    It still crashes when doing an appbundle.

    But it works perfectly when building an apk.

  • Everything is working fine with me

  • im the only one with endless minifying?

  • I upgraded to the beta version and when I send the apk, this error occurred.

    Error: Checking Java JDK and Android SDK versions

    ANDROID_SDK_ROOT=~~/androidSDK (recommended setting)


    Using Android SDK: ~~/androidSDK



    1 actionable task: 1 executed

    Subproject Path: CordovaLib

    Subproject Path: app

    Task :app:preBuild UP-TO-DATE

    Task :app:preReleaseBuild UP-TO-DATE

    Task :CordovaLib:preBuild UP-TO-DATE

  • Great! So is this laying the ground work for prefabs or what! :'D

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